Fall 2012

The Age of Autonomy

Autonomy is the difference between "resource" and "tool." Of all the features of an ownership culture, this one is most at odds with a traditional corporate management style, but autonomy can be understood and cultivated in our workplaces...continue


Somewhere Between Complacency and Fear

Cecil Ursprung, the former CEO of Reflexite Corporation, once described his ideal organizational culture as being a permanent "state of mild dissatisfaction." You may not agree with the word "dissatisfaction," but I expect you would agree that innovation flourishes when employee owners are constantly seeking ways to improve the company and that happens when employees are not satisfied with the status quo...continue


Beyster Institute Internship Helps Prepare GSAs for Success beyond Rady

Working with the Beyster Institute's consultancy on designing and implementing programs of employee ownership for client companies is a tremendous education for a young business mind. Modeling ESOPs and other equity sharing vehicles requires understanding of a broad range of topics across the business spectrum...continue


Keeping Manufacturing Jobs in the U.S.
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Aug. 12, 2012 (Opinion piece by Louis A. Guzzeti, Jr., chairman and CEO of Spinnaker Coating)

As presidential politics heat up, the economy and jobs should be at the top of every candidate's agenda. A significant problem that needs to be addressed is the retention of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. For years, we have stood idly by while jobs have moved overseas to countries such as China...continue


California Center for Employee Ownership

We are very proud to announce the birth of a new and exciting proponent of employee ownership jointly sponsored by the Beyster Institute and the National Center for Employee Ownership - the California Center for Employee ownership...continue


Employee Ownership and the 99% - Ohio Employee Ownership Center

There has been considerable discussion this past year about the flaws of capitalism and the adoption of alternate economic models, the development of a third way or of a new economy...continue to pages 24-25


Employee Ownership Management Fall Seminar 2012

It's not too late to register and participate in the upcoming Employee Ownership Management program, Oct. 7-10, 2012 at the Rady School of Management, UCSD campus. This intensive, expert-led three-day program is designed for executives of employee-owned companies where practical strategies and best practices are shared to help business leaders...continue

We The Owners

Documentary Screening of "We The Owners" at the Rady School of Management

The Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management is pleased to invite you to join us on Nov. 13, 2012, for the premiere screening of "We the Owners - Employees Expanding the American Dream." The viewing of the documentary will take place at the J.R. Beyster Auditorium, Rady School of Management, Wells Fargo Building, UCSD campus...continue