Beyster Institute's Corporate Director's Exchange

A program on ESOP company governance

Coming this June 11-13, 2017, the Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management will conduct its fifth annual – "Corporate Directors' Exchange" program. As part of the Governance Curriculum on Employee Ownership at the Rady School of Management, the Directors' Exchange is a unique opportunity for people serving in or considering serving as directors of ESOP companies to share their experiences with others in similar situations.

Whether you're an employee or independent director, having an understanding of the role and responsibilities it brings is critical to safe and successful service.

The Corporate Directors' Exchange is a highly interactive mix of presentations and group exercises. It is designed to establish a knowledge base and build upon it to allow each company represented to develop a truly efficient business model that not only creates value for the stakeholders but lives up to the promise of an employee ownership future.

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2017 Corporate Directors' Exchange Registration

Testimonials about the Corporate Directors' Exchange:

“Great program! Well worth my time, and a perfect fit for me as I step into my new role as a board member.”
Bobbette Biddulph, southern Calif. regional director, Environmental Science Associates, San Diego, CA

“Very good program and lots of interesting take-away material.”
Joe Hurwich, director, Dipaco, Inc., Reno, NV

“Being a director can be somewhat overwhelming. I left the Corporate Directors’ Exchange feeling more confident that I was prepared to execute for the benefit of the employee owners.”
Roger Ryberg, director at Windings, Inc., New Ulm, MN

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