Winter 2017


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Recent Research Discusses How and Why Employee-Owned Enterprises Are Here to Stay

Ideas that weather tough storms are worth keeping around. Not only have employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) weathered several recessions better than their counterparts, recent research finds that companies with employee ownership perform better in economic downturns than companies without employee ownership opportunities...continue

Thought Starters for the EO Journey

When companies begin pondering the journey toward employee ownership there are many options and opportunities to start shifting to the new work world.  For companies selling to an employee stock ownership plan, one obvious and essential activity is to teach employees about their new retirement benefit.  But, a quick next step is to figure out how to instill more ownership thinking…continue

Promoting and Expanding Employee Ownership: State/Regional Centers One Year Later

As you know, since 2003, the Rady School of Management has been deeply involved in the promotion of effective and successful employee ownership.  The Beyster Institute is known around the country as the source of unique (sadly) and very effective courses within our university on the value of and impact of employee ownership as a tool for business success as well as a battery of training programs for companies involved in the employee ownership movement…continue

How ESOPs Affect Millennial Employees

Brace yourselves for a new era filled with travel pictures, social media hashtags, and avocados on toast!  Generation Y, aka the millennial generation, has joined the workforce and will take over 75 percent of it by 2025.  They bring a shift in lifestyles, attitudes, and values, particularly when it comes to what they look for in an ideal job package…continue

The Opposite of Magic

As I write this, 350 people are heading back home from the Fall Employee Stock Ownership Forum in Tampa.  The meeting had 48 sessions covering everything from the new DOL settlement agreement with First Bankers Trust Company to valuation basics, from ESOP feasibility and financing to making acquisitions and best practices in corporate governance for ESOP companies…continue

Enterprising Owners – 30-Year Retrospective

The first episode of Enterprising Owners focuses on the last 30 years of employee-owned enterprises starting in the 1980s, when concerns about America’s competitiveness on the world stage were at a peak.  The film marked the Foundation for Enterprise Development’s 30-year anniversary…continue

What Changes When Employees Take over a Company?

After nearly 90 years in the grocery business in northeast Ohio, the Buehler family announced last month that it is selling its stores.  But the 13 Buehler’s Fresh Foods markets likely won’t seem much different.  That’s because the people who already manage and work in them are the buyers…continue

The Certificate Program for Non-Professional ESOP Fiduciaries – Feb. 11-14, 2018

The Beyster Institute will present its sixth annual Certificate Program for Non-Professional ESOP Fiduciaries – Feb. 11-14, 2018 at the Rady School of Management.  The course curriculum includes a combination of classroom activities, group exercises, case study simulations, guest lecturers, and group discussion to assure students’ mastery of the numerous areas of responsibility attached to this vital role in the ESOP movement…continue