The Rady School Welcomes Four New Faculty Members

The Rady School Welcomes Four New Faculty Members

Four new faculty members, with expertise in the areas of finance, management and strategy, have joined the Rady School for the 2011 academic year. Faculty recruitment is a priority for the school, which is committed to hiring world-class educators and researchers.

Dr. Joseph Engelberg, who joins the Rady School from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is a native San Diegan excited to return to his hometown. "I like that Rady is a new, young school. Coming here I can contribute more of my voice to the program than at a less-innovative school," said Engelberg. His research focuses on the way information is disseminated among market participants, especially by financial media and social networks. In winter 2012, Engelberg will be teaching two courses - Finance and Topics in Finance: Valuation - in a case-driven format that covers cash flows and corporate appraisement.

Christopher Parsons also joins the Rady School from the Kenan-Flagler Business School. Parsons background is in corporate finance, labor economics, capital structure, real estate, urban economics and market microstructure. He is particularly interested in how people respond to incentives, including salary, ethics and job satisfaction. "Rady is a young business school with great faculty," said Parsons. "I really like the intellectual climate." Parson is scheduled to teach Finance in the 2012 spring quarter.

From the University of Chicago, Assistant Professor of Management and Strategy Sally Sadoff is motivated by a commitment to increasing diversity in higher education. "What attracted me to the Rady School is the diverse group of faculty who work across many disciplines," said Sadoff. "The research being done by the faculty here really lines up with my field research." At the Rady School, Sadoff hopes to continue her research on closing educational achievement gaps among low-income and minority students. Her first class will be this spring 2012, when she teaches Strategy.

Also in the field of management and strategy is Christopher Oveis, an alumnus of UC Berkeley and University of Virginia. With a background in psychology, Oveis is one of a few hundred people in the world certified in Facial Action Coding System (FACS), a facial recognition technique used to detect deception. Prior to joining the Rady School, Oveis completed postdoctoral fellowships in Harvard University's Department of Psychology and Kennedy School of Government. He received the Harvard University Bok Award for Excellence in Teaching. "Being part of a growing department is great because it is intellectually and academically stimulating," said Oveis. During the fall 2011 quarter, he is teaching Leadership, Values and Team Management.

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