Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs Chosen for the mystartupXX Program

The mystartupXX program has selected three aspiring women entrepreneurs as the program's inaugural recipients. The program is a collaboration between the UC San Diego Rady School of Management and the von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement at the Jacobs School of Engineering and is designed to increase the number of female founders of technology-based startups. Rady School MBA students Jacqueline Glynn and Ashley Van Zeeland, and Jacobs School student Irene Chen were selected for the program.

Program Director Lada Rasochova said the mystartupXX program is essential because women face substantial barriers when launching technology-based ventures.

"We are trying to fix the problem by raising awareness, mentoring entrepreneurial female students and introducing them to investors," Rasochova said.

For Glynn, being selected to be part of the program will mean exploring an idea developed in the Rady School's Lab to Market course sequence. Glynn said she wants to use the skills learned in the mystartupXX program to advance technology that will ease the effect of sensory loss on the rehabilitation and mobility of lower-limb amputees and neuropathy patients.

"The mystartupXX program will provide me, a female entrepreneur, with mentoring and one-on-one business coaching, which will assist me in validating my business idea and taking it to market," Glynn said.

It is the act of women taking ideas to market that Rasochova believes will make a positive impact on the economy.

"Investing in women technology entrepreneurs is good for the bottom line," Rasochova said. "A white paper from Illuminate Ventures found that companies built by women use less capital on average than startups run by men. In spite of launching with less capital, women-led startups are less likely to fail and more likely to deliver financial results, create jobs and provide returns to investors."

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