Rady Students Dominate MIT's Ops Sim Com

OpsSim Com

Rady School of Management student Linglin Niu (MBA '13) won the prestigious Operations Simulation Competition sponsored by the MIT Sloan School of Management Operations Club, beating out 140 student teams from top schools around the globe. In this year's annual competition, the Rady School not only won first place, but also had a record-setting three other teams that placed in the top 10.

"Congratulations to Linglin Niu and all four Rady teams who placed in the top 10. I'm consistently impressed by the caliber of our students at Rady and am delighted to announce this recent victory at the MIT Ops Sim Com," said Robert Sullivan, Dean of the Rady School of Management. "The fact that four out of the top 10 teams were made up of Rady students really speaks to the strength and ability of our students and the real-world business training they receive at the Rady School."

"At Rady, our MBA students experience a core operations management curriculum that is very rigorous and has a greater focus on analytical decision making than may be found elsewhere," said Terrence August, Assistant Professor at the Rady School of Management. "I am extremely proud to see our students do so well in situations that force them to stretch their current skill set in order to tackle new, challenging problems."

The Ops Sim competition challenges top business students from around the world to see who can run the most profitable virtual factory using the skills and experiences they have learned in business school. Coming in first was team RadyI, solely comprised of Linglin Niu, a Rady Full-Time MBA 2013 student, who beat out top teams from the Haas School at UC Berkley and UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School to claim the title prize and $5,000 award. Also placing in the top 10 were teams Operady, Radycaj and the UCSDisrptors.

I wouldn't have been able to succeed in this competition without the excellent faculty or my inspiring peers," said Linglin Niu, Rady Full-Time MBA '13. "I'm proud to be able to represent the Rady School at this competition and to receive such excellent motivation and support from my fellow Rady students."

The Rady School has won first place in three out of the nine Ops Sim Com, with the recent victory marking the second year in a row that Rady has won the competition. Rady is the only school on record to have won the competition repeatedly.

"I am extremely delighted to hear about our students' achievement. From both teaching in class and numerous discussions outside of class, I have been amazed by our students' analytical capability as well as their enthusiasm for Operations," said Hyoduk Shin, Assistant Professor at the Rady School of Management. "Knowing that many of them have strong backgrounds in analytics, science and engineering, coupled with how hard they have been working in class, I am not surprised to see this outcome and can envision similar achievements for many more years to come!"

Team Operady, composed of students Saurabh Bajaj, Aung Myo, Ricardo Llamas and Koji Takezaki, placed sixth in the competition. Team Radycaj placed seventh in the competition and was composed of students Conor Jarvis, Arimasa Mori and Jung-Joon Hwang. Team UCSDisrptors, composed solely of Enrico Ros, placed tenth in the competition.

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