Students Excel at Summer MBA Internship Programs

The summer internship is an important part of the Rady School’s Full-Time MBA experience. The experience gives students the opportunity to find career direction, make business connections and develop skills that are essential to advancing, entering a new industry or transitioning careers.

Rady School Graduate Career Connections offers multiple resources, such as cover letter and resume writing, mock interviews, alumni introductions, job and mentor fairs, and jobs search strategies, to help students find an internship that is the right fit.

This summer, nearly 30 Rady School MBA students participated in internships all over the world at established and startup companies in industries including high-tech, biotech, government, banking and finance, healthcare, real estate, oceanography, supply chain, and manufacturing. Many of the participating students wrote about their unique internship experiences and takeaways for the Rady School’s official blog. Below is a taste of what they had to say:

"The academic knowledge I’ve gained during my MBA is so close to practical business scenarios that I could quickly adapt to a new industry. Within a few weeks, I established a series of fundamental reporting & analysis tools, synchronized the operation processes and successfully completed a first-phase budgeting and planning model for the CEO." - Bei Guo (’16), Business Operations and Strategy Manager, CaliBaja Manufacturing Inc.

 “The highlight of my internship has been presenting to Dick Daniels, Kaiser Permanente’s CIO. I was selected to lead a five-intern team tasked with researching and building out a business idea related to using data analytics to help people achieve better total health. Our solution leveraged behavioral data collected through the Kaiser's fitness app, personal data from the phones of app users, and environmental data from public sources to craft intelligent and personalized exercise plans that adapt to the changing needs of app users over time.” - Allison Noel (’16), Analytics Graduate Intern, Kaiser Permanente

"Several years ago, I read a biography of Elon Musk. I was amazed about how he came up with brilliant ideas [for companies like PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla] and changed peoples’ lives. I never expected that after completing my first year of MBA studies at the Rady School I would have the chance to work for PayPal, one of the world's largest internet payment companies." - Raymond Guo ('16), Marketing/Project Management Intern, PayPal

“By the end of my two-month internship, the Aquarium was able to increase brand recognition, event awareness, and sales while simultaneously decreasing all costs on Google compared to the previous period… Now, I’m thinking of making social media marketing my full-time career after I graduate.” - Kimberly Gossard (’16), Social Media Marketer, Aquarium of the Pacific

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