Center for Executive Development Offers New Business Analytics Course

The Center for Executive Development (CED) at UC San Diego's Rady School of Management recently launched a new executive education course to introduce managers to business analytics. The aim of the two-day course is to provide an overview of how business analytics can be used to make enhanced data-driven decisions. Rady School faculty Karsten Hansen, Professor of Marketing and Vincent Nijs, Associate Professor of Marketing teach the course, which balances hands-on learning with leading case studies. Exclusive to the course is a user-interface developed and used at the Rady School that allows course participants to quickly and easily utilize open-source tools for data science.

"Although 'big data' is often discussed, very few people know what it means or what the implications are," said Clark Jordan, Rady School assistant dean. "Our CED course, Business Analytics: Data Driven Decision-Making, will help individuals get a better handle on the power and utilization of business data analytics. From this course, they will get a conceptual framework and application tools."

The new CED business analytics course is designed to meet the rapidly expanding need for employees who have experience in data science. In addition to the CED business analytics course, the Rady School launched the Center for Business Analytics and a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) in 2015.

The CED business analytics course will be offered again after January 2016.

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