Alumni Spotlight: Haytham Allos Seeks to Bring Innovation to Real Estate Industry with Startup RealStir


Rady School alum Haytham Allos ('06) aims to reinvent the process of buying and selling a home with software technology company, RealStir, which rolled out its app nationally last month. As CTO, Allos hopes RealStir will innovate an industry that "has long been stale in providing consumers and realtors with user-friendly technologies to navigate through the complex maze of Real Estate" through introducing key, unique mobile services. These services include a real-time, anonymous app communications platform connecting consumers directly to realtors, a built-in social network, more accurate home estimates and a new tool to help consumers understand the current state of the market.

Allos credits his leadership skills and solidification of his "technical background with entrepreneurial passion" to his Rady School experience, which he uses every day to "make important decisions that have an impact on the company value [of RealStir] and its people." "Rady has given me the skills and knowledge to think strategically and ethically," said Allos "As a member of the Rady Alumni network, I have also had the privilege of connecting with colleagues who have helped me in my path to become an accomplished leader."

After being impressed by the ideas and spirit of Rady's entrepreneurs while participating as a judge at various Lab to Market events, Allos decided to take his Rady experience full-circle and is planning to recruit Rady students as interns at RealStir. "There is no doubt that Rady has a culture which strives for excellence and is reflected in the students," he said. "I believe that interns who decide to join Realstir will benefit from the company culture we've developed, which matches that of Rady, and I'm confident they will leave with an unforgettable experience."

Rady Master of Finance students will also have the opportunity to get involved with RealStir through Rady's Applied Finance Capstone Project. "In coming months and years, Realstir will collect a significant amount of data around the country related to Real Estate," Allos revealed. "The capstone program at Rady offers Realstir a unique opportunity to have seasoned students with professional background work with this big data and draw conclusions on how it impacts the lives of local communities, home prices, banks and more. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with industry experts and gain experience in entrepreneurship."

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