Rady School Launches Center for Business Analytics for Research and Innovation


The Rady School of Management recently announced the launch of its Center for Business Analytics, which will serve as a platform for research and innovation in big data analysis for private businesses and public agencies. The Rady School also welcomed Urban Insights Associates, Inc, a professional services firm that brings the application of big data tools and data science-based deep analytics techniques to public transportation agencies, as the center's first corporate sponsor.

The center was established to meet the growing demand of companies interested in working with the Rady School to determine best practices, solutions and benefits using company data for smarter decision-making. In a joint statement, the Rady School's Professor of Marketing Karsten Hansen and Associate Professor of Marketing On Amir said the center and its partnership "will enable the advancement of innovative research and increase collaboration with businesses and public agencies. Data analytics is revolutionizing the business world and the Center for Business Analytics will help prepare Rady's graduate students to become leaders in this sector."

The center will also build rewarding relationships based on collaboration between companies, students, faculty and alumni. "Companies will provide us with interesting problems and data and we can give them student and alumni-led projects and faculty-led research – it is an ongoing relationship where we truly get to know their business and challenges," noted Hansen.

In the near future, Amir and Hansen hope to establish the center as a context through which companies can meet other companies to share experiences and gain knowledge. "One of the things we want to do down the line is to host and run conferences for company managers and researchers," explained Hansen. "The idea is that managers [who might not have time to enhance their data initiatives] could discover data analytics best practices but also open their eyes to what is possible for their organization."

To date, the center has worked with local startup and global companies across industries, including healthcare, high-tech, biotech, gaming, web services, B2B, banking and finance, telecom and non-profits.

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