Fall 2014 StartR Teams Present at Third StartR Demo Day

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At the Rady School of Management’s StartR Demo Day, StartR’s Fall 2014 teams had the opportunity to present their startups to investors, industry leaders and the Rady School community.

StartR is a six-month program designed to help Rady MBA students and alumni create profitable companies based on their innovative ideas. Teams are mentored by experienced entrepreneurs, and focus on hands-on company development. The StartR program was founded in 2013 after a request from students to Dean Sullivan for an accelerator program on campus. In the last three years, eighty percent of StartR teams have been incorporated.

The participating teams included Aira.IO, CB Therapeutics, ServicePair, Genrix (previously Insilico Scientific) and Hydroceuticals. One third of these teams have received angel funding, and two teams have hosted very successful Kickstarter campaigns. 

Aira.IO was founded by Rady alum Suman Kanuganti. Aira.IO seeks to help blind or low vision individuals gain independence by pairing them with remote agents who receive a live feed of data using GPS and cameras. Agents help users navigate their surroundings by detecting barriers and judging the distance to a desired point, as well as identifying objects and people in a room.

CB Therapeutics, presented by Rady student Sher Butt, uses biosynthesis to extract rare cannabinoids in a more economical and efficient process than current methods. The cannabinoids can then be used for multiple purposes, and marketed to drug companies and consumers alike.

ServicePair was presented by Rady alum Dutch de Rijke. ServicePair is a unique mobile app designed to connect licensed contractors with construction professionals. The app eliminates friction in the marketplace by cutting out the middle man and providing a cost-effective platform which includes proof of credentials, reviews and user location.

Rady alum Andrew LeBlanc’s Genrix, strays from the pharmaceutical industry’s “one-size-fits-all” approach to prescriptions by introducing biomarkers in to the diagnostic process. The company has identified and patented 171 biomarkers which can be leveraged to increase drug efficacy, and therefore increase patient satisfaction. 

Hydroceuticals, founded by Rady student Rajdeep Sidhu, is a beverage company which creates vitamin-enhanced water specifically designed as a supplement for individuals with chronic disease states, such as diabetes or heart disease. The beverage is the first of its kind to reach the market. It eliminates the need to remember another pill while providing a healthy option for individuals with chronic diseases.  

StartR is currently accepting applications for the spring term. More information can be found on the StartR website.  

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