StartR 2015 Spring Teams

StartR is a nonprofit, six month-long accelerator program for Rady School of Management students and alumni with a mission to provide mentoring, advice and other resources for early stage companies and student teams. Twice a year, up to six teams are selected to participate in the program.

Seventeen companies have gone through the program since its inception in 2013.  Seventy percent of those have incorporated and over 50 percent have raised funding. Below is an introduction to the Spring 2015 teams and what they hope to accomplish through StartR.

ChaiBrew offers a hassle-free automated brewing machine providing a fresh, authentic-tasting chai latte free of artificial ingredients for your home and office.

"We hope to build networks across the San Diego community through access to mentors and industry experts, and position ChaiBrew to secure early stage funding" – Anand Parikh (MBA '15), co-founder of ChaiBrew

Guru is an online community marketplace that connects Yoga students and teachers who want to practice Yoga outdoors.  Without the overhead of a traditional studio, students pay less and teachers earn more.

"In six months, Guru hopes to significantly expand its user base through StartR's marketing mentorship" – Scott Perrin (MBA '12), Guru co-founder and marketing lead

LeadCrunch is an Englue product that accelerates growth by predicting which companies are most likely to buy from other companies. Unlike other lead generation and scoring technologies, LeadCrunch is a self-serve system that finds you new leads that are most similar to your best customers.

"With StartR's resources, industry connections and advisors, we hope to accelerate closing our seed round so we can throw gas on growing our LeadCrunch product" – Jeff Chang, vice president of product strategy at Englue

Meego is a motion-activated alarm intended to prevent theft in public places, which adheres to an item to be monitored that is activated and sounds a loud alarm if moved.

"I hope to gain a more concrete understanding of how to structure a profitable business, and how the logistics of financing a large scale operation really work." – Delara Fadavi (M.S. '17), co-founder and CEO of Meego and previous member of mystartupXX

Global E-Commerce Logistic Platform combines a cloud software platform with worldwide physical warehouses to help cross-border merchants to sell and deliver products worldwide efficiently & economically.  

"What I'm looking to gain from StartR are the business resources and connections, which are essential to the success of my business model." – Jeff Li (MBA '16), founder of Global E-Commerce Logistic Platform

For the duration of the StartR program, these five teams will gain access to resources including co-working space on the Rady School's campus, one-on-one mentoring, educational workshops, and connections to additional funding resources. Learn more about the Rady School's StartR accelerator.

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