Globier Wins Pitch Contest at StartR Demo Day

Nine teams took the stage to present business ideas ranging from stem cell therapy to mobile applications designed to assist individuals recovering from traumatic brain injuries at the bi-annual StartR Demo Day event.

The graduating StartR Fall 2016 cohort showcased nascent innovative endeavors to an audience of industry leaders, potential investors, the community and Rady School of Management students, staff and faculty.

“The StartR Accelerator was developed so students could have a way to test out business ideas and ventures,” said Robert Sullivan, Dean of the Rady School of Management. “StartR gives the students and their teams the opportunity to grow these ideas and determine if they are commercializable.”

About the teams


Geminice is focused on developing aesthetic products that rejuvenate skin and slow the aging process through noninvasive topical botox. The company’s approach does not use needles and is painless, as opposed to traditional wrinkle-reducing procedures currently used by dermatologists.


One in ten individuals over the age of 50 is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Cerevis uses virtual reality to obtain data from patients to help diagnose the disease, as well as develop therapies to aid in the management and treatment processes.


This biotech company aims to develop therapy that targets multiple cancer types by harnessing the power of the natural immune system. The team has developed a plan for a bispecific antibody therapeutic against myeloid-derived suppressor cells.


VisiCELL is a safe and biodegradable stem cell tracking agent that allows doctors to track stem cells planted in a patient. The company calls the system ‘GPS for stem cells.’


The SkinAlytics team has developed a system that helps people with specific skin types address their individualized skin needs. They have also developed a mobile application and social media platform to create a community that centers on finding proper treatment and methods for skin-related issues.


Recall is an assistive memory mobile application for survivors of traumatic brain injuries. Using brain training games, alerts, access to support and an easy way to access caregivers, users have a cohesive system of multimodal channels to help stimulate memory and seek assistance when needed.

CIARI Travel Guitars

Bringing the magic of music to guitarists on-the-go, Ciari Guitars boasts the first patented, break-neck foldable travel guitar that provides convenient, low profile transportation and quality guitar playability upon deployment.


NeithE takes the design ideas and inspirations from customers and transforms them into custom, wearable garments.


Noticing a lack of competition (and beer options) in the nightclub market, Globier created a glow-in-the-dark brew. The beer is all-natural and FDA approved.

After presentations, the UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge presented two checks to the best pitch. The first-place $2,000 prize went to Globier, and a second-place $1,000 check was awarded to VisiCELL.

StartR success

Now in its fifth year, the StartR Accelerator has launched 44 initiatives – 28 of which are still functioning. Of those 28, nine have been accepted into the prestigious EvoNexus incubator, and one is currently operating in the JLabs accelerator.

Additionally, StartR alumni have raised more than $36 million in capital from investments.

“This is just the beginning,” Dean Sullivan mentioned when referring to the amount of capital raised by successful ventures. “The best is yet to come!”

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