Introducing the New CIID Advisory Board

The California Institute for Innovation and Development (CIID) at the Rady School of Management has inducted a new advisory board, consisting of Rady School professors, successful alumni and industry leaders. New members will continue the board’s mission of supporting and building CIID programs to help teams succeed at the Rady School and beyond.

Some of the new board members include Steve Poizner, the Rady School’s former Entrepreneur in Residence; Vish Krishnan, professor of Professor of Innovation, Technology and Operations at the Rady School; Rady School Dean Robert Sullivan; Jimmy Anklesaria, a Rady School lecturer, donor and founder of Anklesaria Group, Inc.; Lada Rasochova, CIID Executive Director; and Kim Davis King, a Rady School lecturer. Alumni board members are Silvia Mah, Founder and Executive Director, Hera-Labs; Pierre Sleiman, Founder and CEO of Go Green Agriculture; and Ashley Van Zeeland, Chief Technology Officer, Human Longevity — all of whom have created successful businesses. In addition, business community members Leah Bissonette, Principal of The Energy Biss; Robert Hemphill, President and CEO of AES Solar Power, LLC; Allison Long Pettine, Founding Partner of SEED; Jeb Spencer, Co-Founder of TVC Capital; are also part of the new advisory board.

California Institute for Innovation and Development programs

The CIID was founded as a center to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the University of California. CIID hosts a wide variety of ongoing and annual programs each year to support students, faculty and staff associated with UC San Diego in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

CIID programs include StartR, an accelerator program for Rady School students and alumni, as well as mystartupXX, an accelerator program exclusively for female students at UC San Diego. In addition, CIID hosts IdeaConnect, which aims to link together individuals on campus who have technical knowledge with those who have business knowledge in order to facilitate innovation, and the Triton Innovation Challenge, a competition for all UC San Diego students, faculty, and staff to promote environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship.

The Proof of Relevance Competition, another competition through CIID, is aimed at UC San Diego members who have an idea in need of market research.  Another CIID program, the Rady Venture Fund, provides hands-on learning opportunities for Rady School students, as well as capital for entrepreneurs. Lastly, Rady Innovation Fellows provides assistance to UC San Diego faculty and students interested in commercializing their breakthroughs and research.

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