A Different Approach to Leadership

Rady School's Leadership Development Program

So you’re working in the fast-paced, constantly changing landscape that is the science and technology industry. Your hard work and dedication is recognized in the form of a promotion … Congratulations! With your promotion, you inherited the responsibility of managing a team … Now what?

Managing a team can be an extremely rewarding professional experience. However, the responsibility that comes with management can seem daunting. No need to worry – a program offered through the Rady School of Management’s Center for Executive Education is designed to help managers learn advanced leadership skills, operational discipline and business tools to help manage a team.

The Leadership Development Program for Science & Technology Management (LDP STM) housed at the Rady School of Management was created for managers in science and technology-driven industries. In these dynamic environments, having the appropriately skilled leadership can make the difference between success and failure.

Naren Malayath, a senior director of engineering at Qualcomm, participated in the 2015 cohort of the LDP STM program.

“In the 15 years that I have spent in Industry, this was the best course that I have attended,” he said. “I learned the basics of marketing, finance and business strategy that as an engineer I never got a chance to learn at school. I immediately started using this at work and expect to build a more efficient organization.”

A unique approach

In addition to in-class seminars and on-campus instruction, participants have the opportunity to test their skills during 6-7 day intersessions. These intersessions take place after on-campus instruction directly on the job, where participants will be able to take what they learn and apply it to their managerial roles.

They will then return to campus to discuss what worked, what did not and how to improve leadership skills moving forward. The intersessions take place twice throughout the duration of the program.

What you get

Participants can expect to gain a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics throughout this program, ranging from leadership and managerial skills, to budget and cost management practices, to leveraging innovation and building strategic relationships.

The immersive, hands-on approach to learning is credited for the success of past cohort members. Jeannette Martinez, an employee at Boeing and member of the LDP-STM 2015, cohort, echoed this sentiment.

“The Leadership Development Program for Science & Technology Management has equipped me with new strategies I’ll implement on my projects and new principles I can eventually apply to my career.”

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