Female-Led Teams Join mystartupXX Accelerator

The mystartupXX program is a one-of-its-kind accelerator that was created to increase and encourage diversity in entrepreneurship. Participants take part in mystartupXX workshops focused on various aspects of launching startups - team building, leadership, performing a market assessment and obtaining customers' feedback, creating a value proposition, validating business models, and understanding financing strategies needed to launch the business. Each startup works with a mentor and meet regularly with advisors to monitor and encourage their progress.


Bringing a competitive price, our 3D printed, GPS and LED enabled walking stick targets not only the upcoming influx of seniors but also adventurous people who love the outdoors.

Amal Diagnostics

We are creating a convenient, affordable in-home sexual health screening kit.

Blue Latitudes

Blue Latitudes provides environmental assessment services to address the ecological, economic and social implications of offshore decommissioning.


Diario is creating a therapeutic smartwatch for children with deficient emotional self-regulation, including over half of children with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Geminice focuses on developing aesthetic products that rejuvenate people's skin and greatly slow the aging process.


Greyble is slashing residential water footprints with a user-friendly system that treats indoor wastewater as a resource for outdoor irrigation.


Through the competitive advantage of a 75 year old family owned textile conglomerate, NeithE empowers fashion designers to start their own small business with no upfront costs.

SciCrunch Inc

SciCrunch Inc gathers data, tags data and then gives it back to users in cleaned up form.


A personalized mobile skin genie that knows more about your skin health than you.


VisiCELL is a safe and biodegradable stem cell tracking agent that can be used in both patients and animal models.

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