Loren Chang, MBA

Full-Time, 2014
Industry: Mobile Auto Maintenance
Current Position: Co-Founder and COO, Executive Oil Services, LLC

Loren's Rady Experience

I came to the Rady School in 2012 with a background in chemistry and an intention to go in to marketing operations. I also really liked the fact that Rady was a newer school because it allowed me to pick whatever track I wanted and go that way.

However, Rady's Lab to Market course sequence opened my eyes to the prospect of entrepreneurship and in 2013 I co-founded Executive Oil Services (EOS), a mobile auto maintenance company in San Diego County, with fellow Rady alumni Andrew Zorko. Lab to Market immerses you in a part of entrepreneurship that you would never experience otherwise. You have all the resources at your disposal and you begin from the ground up. They guide you through the entire process from coming up with a plan, to doing research and talking to customers. I'm pretty sure that without Lab to Market I would be working a regular 9-5 job at another company, but this let me really pursue my own idea.

The class size at Rady is perfect; it's big enough to have enough diversity but small enough so that you know everybody. Also, professors were really open about using their connections to help me, even professors that I didn't know. There's a real community feel and as long as you're willing to talk to people, everyone is willing to lend a hand if they can, even if they're in a completely different industry.

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