Andrea Yoder Clark, MSBA

Master of Science in Business Analytics 2017

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In 2013, after running my own data analytics consulting company for the last five years, I built and later sold a mobile app company that was driven by a data analytics reporting backend.  As a result, I realized that I loved all aspects of business and that many organizations appreciated the data analytics solution we provided. At that time, data analytics was an emerging field, and I knew that I wanted to take my skills to the next level and learn to code so I could be a part of this new industry. My experience allowed me to see how using data transformed these organizations. In 2016, I ran a student data hack-a-thon with Biocom, and many of the participants were Rady School students from the school’s new Master of Business Analytics (MSBA) class. The Rady School students outperformed the other schools by far. It was then I realized that going back to school would be worth it and that the Rady School was where I wanted to go for my Business Analytics masters.

Currently, I am the director of data and analytics for Jack in the Box. I manage a team of data engineers, data scientists and data product managers. We all work as a team to guide the data and analytics reporting products that inform the business decisions across all business units for Jack in the Box. On a typical day, I oversee the implementation of the buildout of our reporting structures for any given business user from finance to marketing. 

Attending the Rady School has impacted all aspects of my career, including my job today. Out of all the schools in San Diego, the Rady School is more connected with the business community and the business world. Its graduates are very well respected. I’m also very grateful for the faculty at the Rady School. One example would be Professor Vincent Nijs. He was the faculty member that pushed me the hardest and believed in me the most. He made himself available to help and went above and beyond for all of us. His class transformed my understanding of how data can be used to drive change in organizations.

Obtaining my MSBA allowed me to make a significant career pivot, which dramatically increased my earning potential and allowed me to make a career shift that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.  I am very grateful for my time and experience at the Rady School. I received the skills I needed to make the shift to a new career in data science.

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