Carlos Gonzalez, MBA

Carlos Gonzalez

FlexWeekend, 2007
Industry: Construction
Current Position:
Vice President and General Manager
Clark Concrete Contractors

Carlos’s Rady Experience

I applied to the Rady School in 2004 as a Construction Project Manager at Clark Construction Group. I was looking to fast forward my career development and I knew that an MBA would give me a strong business foundation and understanding, to leverage my operational expertise into strategy and vision for the organization.

The Rady School was everything I was looking for and more. There is a strong culture of honesty and responsibility, as well as ambition, collaboration and innovation. The school naturally incubates business leaders who want to excel, make the world a better place, know how to do it, and have the knowledge and experience to have fun getting it done.

As a FlexMBA student, I had the freedom and academic support to excel in my MBA without putting my career on pause. During the course of my MBA, I received three separate promotions at work and, after graduating, I led one of Clark Construction’s biggest projects in San Diego, the designing, construction and delivery of the $450 million Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton.

In 2013, I moved to Washington, D.C. to join Clark Concrete as the General Manager. I am now responsible for new signings, operations, revenue, profitability and leadership of our team. I utilize the skills I learned at the Rady School in everything I do— including market analysis, strategy development and team management.

My Rady experience changed my life, professionally and personally.  I am much more prepared to analyze and understand the world and circumstances around me.  I am also better equipped to relate to and lead high performance teams. And, most importantly, I gained the confidence of an entrepreneur, capable and willing to create new opportunities in our environment, with meaningful personal, professional and societal impacts.