Seyi Oshinowo, MBA

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Full Time, 2014
Current Position:
Business Operations Specialist

Seyi’s Rady Experience

My Rady MBA completely transformed my lifestyle. I am currently a Business Operations Specialist at Boeing in security and fire protection. My responsibilities primarily involve team integration and leadership. My Rady MBA was instrumental in helping me secure the position, and I use the skills I learned on a daily basis.

I originally chose to pursue an MBA to expand my skillset and gain a better understanding of marketing techniques and strategy. The Rady School was the perfect fit for me because of the location and because of the nature of the program. The culture and environment at the Rady School is different from other schools in that it is driven and shaped by the students. As a student and a member of the Leading with Service Club, I had the opportunity to interact with the leadership of the Rady School directly to brainstorm, create, and implement new programs on campus. Because the Rady School is a newer program with an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, we were able to plan and discuss the next steps for the school as a whole. In addition, the Rady School is located on ‘the mesa, in the heart of innovation, which was extremely important to me. The reputation of UC San Diego is excellent and rivaled by very few. The proximity to downtown San Diego enabled me to network and establish connections in the active business community.

My experience at the Rady School influenced my career and my perspective in countless unforeseen ways. I learned how to think critically and consider situations from all angles. In particular, Professor Ayelet Gneezy taught me to think outside the box and use my observations and analyses to make informed decisions. I learned market strategy, diligence, and discipline, which proved essential in my current position at Boeing. These skills are applicable in any field and any position, and truly allowed me to stand out from my competitors in the job market. The Rady School Graduate Career Connections helped me maximize my MBA experience by working with me individually to determine my personal goals and create a clear path for my future.

I cannot thank the Rady School enough for the impact my MBA has had on my career and perspectives. To current and future Rady School students, I advise you to be open-minded and flexible in your thought processes. Before you begin your MBA, be sure that it is the right time in your life and career. Prepare to completely alter the way you perceive and approach the world.

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