Sergey Sikora, Ph.D., MBA

FlexWeekend, 2006
Industry: Biotechnology
Current Position: Co-Founder, President and CEO, CardioCell

Sergey’s Rady Experience

My company, CardioCell, is a global biotechnology company which develops highly-effective stem cells for cardiovascular indications. We have an exclusive license from our parent company, Stemedica, for exploration of therapeutic indications in the cardiovascular field.

My Rady MBA was an extremely valuable experience. At the Rady School, I started my first company during the Lab to Market course series. Now, every time I start a new company I use experience that I gained in Lab to Market to write a business plan, search for finance, PR and marketing and multiple other aspects. Additionally, I gained many connections through Rady and was able to build a network which I know I will carry throughout my career. The diversity of my class also served to enhance my experience. They were from high-tech and biotech, they were Ph.D.s, and executives. We all learned so much from each other.

My advice to prospective students and current students in Lab to Market is to take the approach that can turn into a real company and a real business idea. You are given a very rare opportunity as a student to be able to take this course, get all the advice you need, join the network you need, approach venture capitalists and then start your own company. You will never get this opportunity again, so don't waste it.

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