Snehal Banerjee

Associate Professor of Professor of Finance and Accounting

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Rady School of Management
Otterson Hall, Room 4S149
9500 Gilman Drive #0553
La Jolla, CA 92093-0553
Phone: (858) 5342795
Fax: (858) 5340745
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Research Areas

Rational expectations
Difference of opinions
Behavioral finance

Industry Areas

Financial markets
Trading volume
Snehal Banerjee

Banerjee's research interests include information, learning and disagreement in financial markets, liquidity, behavioral finance and asset pricing. His current research involves studying the effects of uncertainty about other investors on asset prices.

Banerjee earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and his B.A. in Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science from Brandeis University. Prior to his arrival at the Rady School, Banerjee was an Associate Professor of Finance at the Kellogg School of Management.



Strategic trading and unobservable information acquisition (with B. Breon-Drish)
      Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming

When transparency improves, must prices reflect fundamentals better? (with J. Davis and N. Gondhi)
      Review of Financial Studies, 2018, 31(6):2377-2414

Signal or noise? Uncertainty and learning about whether other traders are informed (with B. Green)
      Journal of Financial Economics, 2015, 117(2):398-423

Trading in Derivatives when the Underlying is Scarce (with J. Graveline)
      Journal of Financial Economics, 2014, 111(3):589-608

The Cost of Short-Selling Liquid Securities (with J. Graveline)
      Journal of Finance, 2013, 68(2):637-664

Factor-loading Uncertainty and Expected Returns (with C. Armstrong and C. Corona)
      Review of Financial Studies, 2013, 26(1):158-207

Learning from Prices and the Dispersion in Beliefs
      Review of Financial Studies, 2011, 24(9):3025-3068
      Winner of the RFS Young Researcher Prize, 2010

Disagreement and Learning: Dynamic Patterns of Trade (with I. Kremer)
      Journal of Finance, 2010, 65(4):1269-1302

Price Drift as an Outcome of Differences in Higher Order Beliefs (with R. Kaniel and I. Kremer)
      Review of Financial Studies, 2009, 22(9):3707-3734

Working Papers

The Man(ager) Who Knew Too Much (with J. Davis and N. Gondhi)

Choosing to Disagree in Financial Markets (with J. Davis and N. Gondhi)

Delayed Information Acquisition and Entry into New Markets (with B. Breon-Drish)

Leaks, disclosures and internal communication (with T. Kim)

Conceal to Coordinate (with T. Kim and V. Mangla)

Transparency versus Tone: Public Communication with Limited Commitment (with Q. Liu )