Rady School Entrepreneurship Faculty

On Amir

On AmirAs a Professor of Marketing at the Rady School, Professor Amir teaches the Technology Management and Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program, a joint initiative with the Jacobs School of Engineering through the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur that prepares engineering students to bring technology-based innovations to market. Professor Amir’s research focuses on different customer decision-making mechanisms and their influence on pricing strategies, as well as how insights from research on decision-making and behavioral economics can improve business and policy practices. As such, Professor Amir’s research and insights are vital to entrepreneurs and startups.

Del Foit, Jr.

Del Foit

Del Foit, Jr. is a Lecturer and five-time winner of the Most Valuable Professor award at the Rady School. He is responsible for content development and instruction of the capstone course Lab to Market. The sequence includes three courses focused on equipping students with the entrepreneurial skills needed to transform science and technology based innovations into profitable market opportunities. Before entering the field of academia, Foit held top-level positions at several companies in the Life Sciences industry. In addition to his hands-on experience, Foit is the former director of the CONNECT Springboard program, where he assisted high tech and life science entrepreneurs through mentorship and linkages to resources. As such, Foit has developed invaluable entrepreneurial skills, which he continues to share with students at the Rady School.

Kimberly King

Kim Davis King

Kimberly King has served as both an investor and mentor for several startups and high growth companies. She has over 17 years of experience in the venture capital industry, including successful investments in software and technology infrastructure. King is currently an advisor to several early stage and high growth companies including Portfolium, Cashie Commerce and Ario.io. King brings her knowledge of entrepreneurship and venture capital to the Rady School through her involvement in the California Institute for Innovation and Development as co-director of both mystartupXX, a program for female entrepreneurs, and StartR Accelerator, for Rady School students and alumni.

Vish Krishnan

Vish KrishnanProfessor Vish Krishnan is a Chaired Professor and the Faculty Director of Rady’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, CIID. One of the Rady School’s founding faculty bringing deep start-up/business experience in California and Texas, Professor Krishnan has developed unparalleled expertise in researching and teaching innovation, entrepreneurship, and product management. He has led Rady School’s signature core course series, Lab to Market, which allows Rady students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship by developing their own businesses. In addition, Professor Krishnan also serves as the Associate Director for the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur, a joint venture between the Rady School and the Jacobs School of Engineering – where he holds a joint appointment. In his research, Professor Krishnan works on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of innovative operations and ventures, and collaborates closely with the School of Medicine through grants from the National Institute of Health and the State of California. He has been a founding member of start-up teams and is an advisor to a number of startup teams and major international companies. Professor Krishnan received his doctoral degree from MIT and serves in the editorial positions of elite academic journals in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, and product/operations management. He has been named the Most Valuable Professor by Rady Students 4 times during the last decade and has been invited to teach at MIT and Harvard University.

Lada Rasochova

Lada Rasochova

Lada Rasochova is the executive director of the California Institute for Innovation and Development at the Rady School, as well as the co-director of the mystartupXX program for female entrepreneurs and the StartR Accelerator program. In addition, Rasochova serves as the managing director for the Rady Venture Fund, teaches venture capital management courses, and directs the TriNet Challenge for students from the Rady School, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and Jacobs School of Engineering to bring environmentally focused, innovative ideas to market. As such, Rasochova imparts her comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of entrepreneurship through mentorship and programming to countless Rady School students and alumni.

Richard Townsend

Richard TownsendProfessor Townsend is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Rady School. His research focuses on entrepreneurship and corporate finance. Professor Townsend’s recent research in entrepreneurship earned him the Kaufman Junior Faculty Award in 2016, awarded to junior faculty who demonstrate potential to make a significant contribution to the field. His teaching experience includes topics such as Entrepreneurial Finance, New Venture Finance and Private Equity Research to Practice.

Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer

As an Assistant Teaching Professor of Design at the Rady School of Management, Professor Meyer comes to academia with experience in the field, as a leader at several major design companies. Professor Meyer draws on his extensive entrepreneurship experience in his teaching of the Rady School’s signature capstone course, Lab to Market, where he serves as a guide for students as they create their own independent companies.

Eric Floyd

Eric FloydProfessor Floyd is an Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting at the Rady School of Management. His research, focused on transparency regulation, healthcare reimbursements, and field experiments in accounting and finance, is designed to be applicable in the real world and accessible by entrepreneurs. Floyd received several research grants, including a Kaufman Foundation Research Grant and a PRIME Research Grant.

Amy Nguyen-Chyung

Amy photoDr. Amy Nguyen-Chyung is responsible for content development and instruction of the capstone course Lab to Market. At the Rady School, she has also taught Strategy and Managerial Economics. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor and joins the Rady School from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, where she was nominated for the Golden Apple Teaching Award and the Weekend MBA Teaching Excellence Award. Previously she has taught at Berkeley’s Haas and Penn’s Wharton School.  Her research is in the area of entrepreneurship and strategy, investigating individual choice in transitions to entrepreneurship as well as entrepreneurial strategies at the firm level. Her research has been awarded the Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship, NFIB Best Dissertation Finalist and Kauffman Foundation Research Grant (2016-2020). She is also the co-author of an award-winning case on Amazon in Emerging Markets. Dr. Nguyen-Chyung has 10+ years of industry experience:  she is an active angel investor with Next Wave Impact Fund, which aims to increase diversity and positive social or environmental impact among high-growth startups and has worked previously in management consulting, investment banking and government, helping companies grow and enter new markets. She earned a PhD and MS from U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School, a joint-MBA-MPA from Penn’s Wharton School and Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School and an undergraduate degree from Harvard.