2014 Research Seminar Archive

Speaker Affiliation Area Topic Date/Time Location
Anya Samak University of Wisconsin-Madison Econ/Strategy TBD

Jan. 8

Guillaume Roels Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles ITO The Design of Experiential Services with Acclimation and Memory Decay: Optimal Sequence and Duration Jan. 17 #3S138
Edward (Ned) Smith Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Management Structurally Redundant Heterogeneity and Group Performance Jan. 27 #4W114
Lorenz Goette Lausanne University Econ/Strategy Call of duty: The impact of reminders of pro-social motivations Jan. 29 #4W114
Jordi Brandts Universitat Autonoma Barcelona Econ/Strategy Stand by Me Experiments on Help and Commitment in Coordination Games Feb. 5 #4W114
Zia Agha University of California, San Diego ITO EHR Usability and Workflow Efficiency Feb. 7 #3S138
Mara Mather University of Southern California Management

How emotional arousal raises the stakes of mental competition

Feb. 10 #4W114
Sebastian Goerg Florida State University Econ/Strategy GOALS (TH) AT WORK? Goals, Monetary Incentives, And Workers' Performance* Feb. 12 #4W114
Dan Goldstein Microsoft Research and London Business School Marketing The Illusion of Wealth and Its Reversal Feb. 2 #4W114
Fred Feinberg Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Marketing

When Random Assignment Is Not Enough: Accounting for Item Selectivity in Experimental Research

Feb. 24 #4W114
Neal Stoughton Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Marketing

When Random Assignment Is Not Enough: Accounting for Item Selectivity in Experimental Research

Feb. 24 #4W114
Neal Stoughton Vienna University of Economics
and Business
Finance An Integrated Model of University Endowments Feb. 26 #3E107
Zakary Tormala Stanford Graduate School of Business Marketing The Preference for Potential Feb. 2 #4W114
Kostas Bimpikis Stanford University ITO Information Provision in Dynamic Innovation Tournaments Feb. 28 #3S138
John Y. Campbell Harvard University Finance

An Intertemporal CAPM with Stochastic Volatility

March 3 #4E106
Lori Beaman Norhtwestern University Econ/Strategy Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali March 5 #4W114
Michael Smith Carnegie Mellon University ITO Do Search Engines Influence Media Piracy?  Evidence from a Randomized Field Study March 14 #3S138
Sam Hui New York University, Stern School of Business Marketing Analyzing Moment-to-Moment Data Using a Bayesian Functional Linear Model: Application to TV Show Pilot Testing
March 19 #4W114
Joël van der Weele University Amsterdam, Netherlands Econ/Strategy Self-Image and Strategic Ignorance in Moral Dilemmas April 8  #4W114
Pradeep K. Chintagunta University of Chicago, Booth School of Business Marketing Simultaneous or Sequential? Search Strategies in the U.S. Auto Insurance Industry April 8 #4W114
Mohammad Rahman University of Calgary ITO Beating Irrationality: Does Delegating to IT Alleviate the Sunk Cost Effect? April 17 #3S138
Daniel E. Fragiadakis Stanford University Econ/Strategy "Identifying Predictable Players: Relating Behavioral Types and Subjects with Deterministic Rules"  April 23  #4W114
 Simone Galperti UCSD Econ/Strategy Time Inconsistency and Forward-looking Behavior ( with Bruno Strulovici) April 23  #4W114
Andrew Hargadon UC Davis ITO Between the Conception and the Creation: Uncertainty, Commitment, and the Innovation of Penicillin April 25 #3S138
S. Christian Wheeler Stanford Graduate School of Business Marketing Theories of Attitude Stability and Change Predict Advocacy and Preference for Political Compromise April 30 #4W114
Ozalp Ozer University of Texas at Dallas ITO Trust, Trustworthiness and Information Sharing in Global Supply Chains May 2 #4W114
Fuqiang Zhang Washington University in St. Louis ITO Home or Overseas? An Analysis of Sourcing Strategies Under Competition May 23 #3S138
 Andreas Leibbrandt Monash University, Department of Economics Econ/Strategy If One Price is Good, Are Two Better?  A Framed Field Experiment On Price Discrimination May 28   #4W114
David Reiley Research Scientist - Google Econ/Strategy Location, Location, Location: Repetition and Proximity Increase Advertising Effectiveness May 29  #4W114
David Moore Director of Management Science, Careflow Institute LLC ITO The Simultaneous Impact of Learning-Curve Heterogeneity, Tightly-Coupled Team Familiarity, and Workload on Orthopedic Procedure Times May 29  #3S138
Martin Kenney UC Davis ITO Cross-Cultural Liaisons: Syndication Partner Choice by Foreign Venture Capital Firms in China June 6 #3S138
  Elizabeth Keenan UCSD Econ/Strategy TBD June 9   #4W114
 Gary Charness UCSB Econ/Strategy  Inducing Social Norms in Laboratory Allocation Choices Aug. 13  #4W114
Andy Brownback UCSD Econ/Strategy A Classroom Experiment on Effort Allocation under Relative Grading Oct. 1 #4W114
Elizabeth Keenan UCSD Econ/Strategy


Oct. 6


Stephen Anderson-Macdonald London Business School Marketing The Impact of Marketing (versus Finance) Skills on Firm Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in South Africa Oct. 7


Anders Trolle Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne Finance Liquidity Risk in Credit Default Swap Markets Oct. 7


Anja Lambercht London Business School Marketing Should You Target Early Trend Propagators? Evidence from Twitter Oct. 9 #4W114
Silvia Bellezza Harvard Business School Marketing Symbolic Consumption and Alternative Signals of Status Oct. 14 #3W113
Shawndra Hill University of Pennsylvania Marketing/ITO Talkographics: Learning Audience Demographics and Interests from Publicly Available User Generated Content to Make TV Show and Brand Recommendations Oct. 16 #4W114
Ayelet Israeli Kellogg School of Management Marketing TBD Oct. 21 #3W113
Karthik Muralidharan UCSD Econ/Strategy Double for Nothing? The Effects of Unconditional Teacher Salary Increases on Student Performance Oct. 22 #4W114
Charlotte Christiansen Aarhus University Finance Idiosyncratic Volatility Puzzle: Influence of Macro-Finance Factors Oct. 22 #MPR2
Dan Nguyen The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Marketing TBD Oct. 28 #3W113
Katherine Baldiga Coffman Ohio State University Econ/Strategy TBD Oct. 29 #4W114
Yong Tan University of Washington ITO Disconfirmation Effect on Online Rating Behavior: A Dynamic Analysis Oct. 31 Otterson Hall #3S138
Stephanie Tully NYU Stern School of Business Marketing TBD Nov. 4 #3W113
Øystein Daljord Stanford Graduate School of Business Marketing TBD Nov. 12 #3W113
Paul Smeets Maastricht University Econ/Strategy Donation and Strategic Behavior of Millionaires Nov. 12 #4W114
Lee Cassar University of Zurich Econ/Strategy Job Mission as a Substitute for Monetary Incentives: Experimental Evidence Nov. 17 #4W114
Elanor Williams Rady School of Management Econ/Strategy TBD Nov. 18 #3W113
 Ann-Kathrin Koessler & Agne Kajackaite Queensland University & University of Cologne Econ/Strategy Social Responsibility as Employeee Incentive-Experimental. Do Codes of Good Conduct Promote Social Behaviour? Nov. 24  #3W113
Maya Bar-Hillel Hebrew University Management Position Effects in Simultaneous Choice: A Triple Conundrum Solved Nov. 25 #4E106
Peter Feldhutter London Business School Finance The Credit Spread Puzzle - Myth or Reality? Dec. 3 #3W113
Roberto Weber University of Zurich Econ/Strategy Just Words? Just Speeches? On the Economic Value of Charismatic Leadership Dec. 3 #4W114
Charles Corbett UCLA ITO Operations Management for Entrepreneurial Firms Dec. 5 Otterson Hall #3S138
 Pedro Rey-Biel Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Econ/strategy "Tasks matters!: A Lab and a Field Experiment on Gender and Competition". Dec. 10  #4W114
Alexander Dyck Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto Finance Can Institutional Investors Improve Corporate Governance Through Collective Action? Dec. 18 #3W113