Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Name Title Email Classes
John C. Anderson Lecturer jcanderson@ucsd.edu MGT135: Federal Taxation - Companies
Natasha Balac Director nbalac@ucsd.edu MGTA454: Business Analytics Capstone Project
Kenneth Bates Visiting Faculty kwbates@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing & Management
Bruce Blakley Lecturer bblakley@ucsd.edu MGT132: Auditing
Roger Bohn Faculty, GPS rbohn@ucsd.edu MGT153: Business Analytics
Harold Buchanan Lecturer hbuchanan@ucsd.edu MGT181: Enterprise Finance / MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work
Robert Campbell Lecturer rhcampbell@ucsd.edu MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work / MGT105: Product Promotion & Brand Management
Victor Canto Visiting Faculty vcanto@ucsd.edu MGTF495: Special Topics in Finance - Current Topics in Finance
Stephen Coggeshall Visiting Faculty scoggeshall@ucsd.edu MGTA495: Topics in Analytics - Fraud Analytics
Kathleen Davis Lecturer kdavis@ucsd.edu MGT119: Topics in Business = Data Analytics for Event Management
Burt De Mill Lecturer bdemill@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing & Management
L. Jean Dunn Lecturer L1dunn@ucsd.edu MGT187: New Venture Finance / MGT185: Investment Banking
Craig Eberhard Lecturer caeberhard@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing & Management
Kristine Ehrich Lecturer kehrich@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing & Management
Michael Finney Visiting Faculty mlfinney@ucsd.edu MGT443: Topics in International Business - Cambodia
Del Foit Lecturer dfoit@ucsd.edu MGT414B: Lab to Market Workshop II
Robert Fuller Lecturer rlfuller@ucsd.edu MGT112: Global Business Strategy / MGT173: Project Management - Health Services
Christopher Girand Lecturer cgirand@ucsd.edu MGTF418: Preparing for the CFA Exam / MGTF495: Special Topics in Finance - CFA Level II
Christopher Gopal Lecturer cgopal@ucsd.edu MGT175: Supply Chain Management / MGT464: Projects in Business Innovation
Amarnath Gupta Lecturer a1gupta@ucsd.edu MGTF495: Special Topics in Finance - Data Science for Finance Using Python
Kathleen Hedges Lecturer kloftman@ucsd.edu MGT172: Business Project Management
Robert Houskeeper Lecturer rhouskeeper@ucsd.edu MGT131B: Intermediate Accounting B / MGT5: Managerial Accounting / MGT134: Federal Taxation - Individuals
Jo Dee Jacob Lecturer d0jacob@ucsd.edu MGT167 Social Entrepreneurship
Byung Cho Kim Visiting Faculty bck002@ucsd.edu MGT177: Analytics and Spreadsheet Modeling in Supply Chain Management
Nancy Kim Visiting Faculty nskim@ucsd.edu MGT129: Topics in Entrepreneurship - Artist as Entrepreneur
Kim Davis King Lecturer kking@ucsd.edu MGT414B: Lab to Market Workshop II / StartR & mystartupXX Workshops
Jeffrey Klaas Lecturer jklaas@ucsd.edu MGT121A: Innovation to Market A
Engin Kose Lecturer ekose@ucsd.edu MGTF420: Asset Management
Steven Levkoff Lecturer slevkoff@ucsd.edu MGT4: Financial Accounting
Wade Lindenberger Lecturer wlindenberger@ucsd.edu MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work / MGT136: Advanced Accounting / MGT137: Financial Statement Analysis
Timothy Mackey Director tmackey@ucsd.edu MGT449: Topics in Operations & Technology - Leveraging the Power of Blockchain
Mary McKay Lecturer mamckay@ucsd.edu MGT18: Managing Diverse Teams / MGT164: Business and Organizational Leadership
Michael McKay Lecturer mmckay@ucsd.edu MGT18: Managing Diverse Teams
Alison B. Meyer Lecturer abmeyer@ucsd.edu MGTA401: Professional Seminar - Communications / MGT164: Business and Organizational Leadership
Cathleen Moran Lecturer cmoran@ucsd.edu MGT166: Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
Amy Nguyen-Chyung Visiting Faculty anguyenchyung@ucsd.edu MGT410: Strategy
Joseph Pecore Lecturer jpecore@ucsd.edu MGT45: Principles of Accounting / MGT12: Personal Financial Management
Johan Perols Visiting Faculty jperols@ucsd.edu MGT153: Business Analytics
Raymond Pettit Lecturer rcpettit@ucsd.edu MGTA454: Business Analytics Capstone Project I
Lada Rasochova Director lrasochova@ucsd.edu MGT496B: Venture Capital Management II
Rebecca Royal Lecturer rroyal@ucsd.edu MGT172: Business Project Management
Todd Salovey Lecturer tsalovey@ucsd.edu MGT439: Topics in Organizational Behavior - Advanced Management Communications
Brenda Simon Visiting Faculty bmsimon@ucsd.edu MGTA495: Topics in Business Analytics - Legal and Ethical Issues in Big Data
Martin Staubus Lecturer mstaubus@ucsd.edu MGT129: Topics in Entrepreneurship - Developing an Entrepreneurial Workforce
Tyagarajan Somasundaram Visiting Faculty tsomasundaram@ucsd.edu MGT112: Global Business Strategy
Volkan Vural Lecturer vvural@ucsd.edu MGTF495: Special Topics in Finance - Data Science for Finance Using Python
Ryan Wagner Lecturer rwagner@rady.ucsd.edu MGT3: Quantitative Methods in Business
Glenn Yago Visiting Faculty gyago@ucsd.edu MGTF458: Financial Innovations for Economic Development
John York Lecturer j1york@ucsd.edu MGT414B: Lab to Market Workshop II / MGT121B: Innovation to Market B
Carsten Zimmermann Visiting Faculty c2zimmermann@ucsd.edu MGT164: Business and Organizational Leadership / MGT172: Business Project Management