Kenneth C. Wilbur

Professor of Quantitative Marketing and Business Analytics

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Info

Rady School of Management
Wells Fargo Hall, Room 3W117
9500 Gilman Drive #0553
La Jolla, CA 92093-0553
Phone: (858) 5343441

Research Areas

Kenneth Wilbur, PhD

Kenneth C. Wilbur, M.A., Ph.D., teaches e-commerce and marketing analytics at the Rady School. Ken uses theory and data to study the consequences of firms' marketing policies. His work has been published in leading journals, won major awards, influenced practice and been presented at conferences, universities and companies worldwide. Ken serves on four editorial review boards and has consulted widely with global brands and local start-ups. In 2016 he co-founded Profitable Insights, a boutique consultancy that facilitates academic/corporate research partnerships in the areas of behavioral economics, data analytics and marketing models. Ken was a faculty member at Duke University and the University of Southern California prior to joining UC San Diego. Further background and freely downloadable papers are available at

Representative Publications

Joo, D. Gauri, K. C. Wilbur. 2019. Temporal Distance and Price Elasticity: Empirical

Investigation of the Cruise Industry. Management Science, forthcoming.

McGranaghan, G. Fisher, J. Liaukonyte, K. C. Wilbur. 2019. Lead Offer Spillovers.
Marketing Science, forthcoming.

Du, M. Joo, K. C. Wilbur. 2019. Advertising and Brand Attitudes: Evidence from 575
Brands over Five Years. Quantitative Marketing and Economics, forthcoming.

M. Joo, W. Liu, K. C. Wilbur. 2019. Divergent Temporal Courses for Liking Versus Wanting
in Response to Persuasion. Emotion, forthcoming.

Du, R. Y., L. Xu, Kenneth C. Wilbur. 2019. Immediate Responses of Online Brand Search
and Price Search to TV Ads. Journal of Marketing, 83 (4): 81-200.


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