Kenneth C. Wilbur

Associate Professor of Quantitative Marketing and Business Analytics

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Info

Rady School of Management
Wells Fargo Hall, Room 3W117
9500 Gilman Drive #0553
La Jolla, CA 92093-0553
Phone: (858) 5343441

Research Areas

Kenneth Wilbur, PhD

Kenneth C. Wilbur, M.A., Ph.D., teaches core marketing at the Rady School. Ken produces original, useful research at the intersection of advertising, media and technology. His work has been published in leading journals, won major awards, influenced practice and been presented at conferences, universities and companies worldwide. Ken serves as an editor for Information Economics and Policy and on the editorial review boards for Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing Research. In 2016 he co-founded Profitable Insights, a boutique consultancy that facilitates academic/corporate research partnerships in the areas of behavioral economics, data analytics and marketing models. Ken was a faculty member at Duke University and the University of Southern California prior to joining UC San Diego. For a complete background, please visit

Representative Publications

K.C. Wilbur. 2008. A Two-Sided, Empirical Model of Television Advertising and Viewing Markets. Marketing Science, 27 (3): 356-378.

Wilbur, K.C., Y. Zhu. 2009. Click Fraud. Marketing Science, 28 (2): 293-308.

Y. Zhu, K.C. Wilbur. 2011. Hybrid Advertising Auctions. Marketing Science, 30 (2): 249-273.

A.D. Rennhoff, K.C. Wilbur. 2012. Local Media Ownership and Media Quality. Information Economics and Policy, 24 (3-4): 231-242.

K.C. Wilbur, L. Xu, Kempe, D. 2013. Correcting Audience Externalities in Television Advertising. Marketing Science, 32 (10): 892-912.

A.D. Rennhoff, K.C. Wilbur. 2013. Market-Based Measures of Viewpoint Diversity. Information Economics and Policy, 26: 1-11.

K.C. Wilbur, P.W. Farris. 2014. Distribution and Market Share. Journal of Retailing, 90 (2): 154-167.

M. Joo, K.C. Wilbur, B. Cowgill, Y. Zhu. 2014. Television Advertising and Online Search.
Management Science, 60 (1): 56-73.

Xu, L., K.C. Wilbur, S. Siddarth, J. Silva-Risso. 2014. Price Advertising by Manufacturers and Dealers. Management Science, 60 (11): 2816-2834.

Liaukonyte, J., T. Teixeira, K.C. Wilbur. 2015. Television Advertising and Online Shopping. Marketing Science, 34 (3): 311-330.

Gao, H., J. Xie, Q. Wang, K.C. Wilbur. 2015. Should Advertising Increase or Decrease Prior to a Product Recall? The Marketing-Finance Interface in Product Crisis Management. Journal of Marketing, 79 (2015): 80-99.

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