Rady Leading with Service

Board Members

President - Rawad Abi Saab
VP of Finance - Fadlallah
Board Member - Brendar Hughes
Board Member - Kylie Saddler




MBA students and alumni have numerous opportunities to create social and environmental value by offering their time, and effort. Some use these opportunities to explore potential areas for career advancement, while others seek involvement in community activities outside their career. Nonprofit and mission-based organizations benefit from the volunteer's business skills and resources and these opportunities provide a valuable way for MBAs to connect to local and international communities on issues of personal interest and importance to society and the environment. Additionally volunteering provides an opportunity for business students to learn new skills, be a good role model and citizen, improve our community, make new friends and have fun. Rady LwS’s mission is to encourage philanthropic involvement and school unity through volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Recent event host by club:

Homeless Feeding

  • Helped prepare the plates in the kitchen
  • Served the plates to the individuals in the dining hall. They also assisted with setup and cleanup in whichever area they were serving

We aim to engage the entire Rady community by providing a variety of volunteer work including:

  • Education
  • Children and youth
  • Environment
  • Health and wellness
  • Homeless
  • Families
homeless feeding

Torrey Pines High School Volunteering

torrey pines high school clean up
  • Stadium spring cleaning
  • Worked enthusiastically for 2 hours, pulling weeds, removing 30 bags of trash, clearing drains and sweeping the stands

Food Bank Volunteering:

  • Cleaning and packaging fresh produce for immediate distribution
  • Inspecting, sorting, boxing, and labeling food donations
  • Assembling food packages for our Senior Food Progra, Moms & Children Food Program, Food Assistance Program, and our Food 4 Kids Backpack Program
sd food bank