Rady Student Board


President: Brendon Low
VP of Finance: Karmen Wong
VP of Communications: Chia-Ying (Jean) Liu
VP of Marketing: Kathryn Szalay
VP of Alumni Relations: Thoshna Arasappa
VP of Technology: Ben Koonse
VP of Operations: Victor Khong
Class Representatives: Craig Schaller, Mark Golden, Marshawn Williams, Xin Xin Wang, Amanda Camelo, Matt Mackenzie, and Lei Cong

The Rady Student Board (RSB) is a group of students elected by their peers to serve as the steering entity of the Rady Student Association Student Council. The Board is responsible for organizing a variety of programs and events that play an integral part in shaping the unique Rady culture. The RSB officers also interact with members of the administration, faculty, alumni, and staff on a regular basis to ensure that the voice of the Rady student is considered in decisions that affect student life.


The Rady Student Board was established to act as the governing body for every graduate student at the Rady School of Management. As stated in the By Laws of the Rady Student Association, the Executive Board:

Represents and promotes the academic, social, professional and community interests of all students at the Rady School of Management at UCSD, enhancing the link between the academic experience and the business world. 

Provides a forum for students to directly impact administrative policy matters while overseeing the development and maintenance of a strong community and pride in the Rady School of Management. 

Serves as a center for student information, communication, financial resources and supervision for student projects. It shall act as a liaison with Rady administration, faculty, students and the business community.


To encourage a thriving academic and social environment by providing leadership opportunities that empower and inspire, and to advocate on behalf of student interests, while coordinating all student-run activities.