Leadership Development

Leadership Innovation

There is a world of learning beyond the classroom. As a Rady School graduate student you’ll have access to innovative leaders, work in small groups with experienced business leaders and travel the world to witness the global economy firsthand.

The Rady School of Management is part of a vibrant community of Rady alumni, corporate partners and the San Diego business community. Build a lifelong professional network by working with innovative leaders, mentors, coaches and advisers.

Rady has an extensive professional development program, including:

Executive Mentor Program

In this program you will be part of a small group matched with an experienced business leader. Mentors come from biotech and technology companies, from the environmental, consulting, venture capital and real estate industries. They have had extensive business careers and many have successfully built or led companies. Executive mentors offer perspective, guidance and expertise as you identify areas for personal and professional development. Mentors have made a commitment to enhance your access to the business community — their connections become an asset for you as well.

Vistage: On-Campus at Rady

Vistage International is the world’s foremost chief executive leadership organization, headquartered in San Diego and operating in 16 countries. Vistage members — top executives from a range of companies — meet in small groups every month to help one another make better decisions, achieve better results and enhance their lives. Facilitators of Vistage executive-level peer coaching groups have volunteered to facilitate peer mentoring groups on the Vistage model for Rady students. Each group provides an intensive leadership and personal development experience for students who are willing to invest time and energy in learning and growing — and helping their colleagues do the same. Rady’s Vistage volunteer facilitators involve executives from their own networks to enhance their students’ experience.