Center for Leadership Assessment

About the Center for Leadership Assessment

The Center for Leadership Assessment (CLA) offers a comprehensive analysis of an individual's or team's leadership and business capabilities to help create their leadership development plan. It's a learning experience designed to provide both the individual and the organization with critical information about the strength of its leadership and business skills. The center provides an opportunity to see leadership candidates in action. Performance under pressure, decision-making skills and abilities, tactical and operating skills, business acumen and the ability to collaborate and work across an organization are just some of the competencies that can be assessed and benchmarked for your organizations’ talent management strategy.


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What are the benefits of the Rady School’s Leadership Assessment Center?

For the individual performer, a structured leadership–assessment experience offers an opportunity to demonstrate skills and capabilities in a challenging environment and to receive feedback on their performance. For the organization, it offers an opportunity to compile an accurate, independent assessment of the talent pipeline, a tool that will be invaluable to the organization’s individual and organizational development efforts.

What are the components of the Rady School's Leadership Assessment Center?

The program consists of simulations, personality and aptitude assessments, structured exercises, and coaching. The core of the assessment process is the business simulation, which provides an opportunity to observe candidates while they work in a team to problem solve, develop ideas and make decisions as their business competes in a virtual marketplace. The simulation requires participants to demonstrate a range of skills including strategic thinking, business acumen, team leadership and interpersonal expertise.

What are the outcomes of the Center for Leadership Assessment?

For the individual performer, the RCLA provides a snapshot of skills, abilities and personal characteristics that will serve as a foundation for his or her developmental planning:

  • comprehensive, integrated feedback from professional coaches
  • recommendations for ongoing development

For the organization, the center provides a solid foundation for talent development and succession planning efforts that is customized and targeted to unique organizational needs:

  • a summary report on each participant detailing their strengths and development needs
  • an evaluation of each participant on each of the organization’s key competencies
  • a talent management roll–up that shows where leadership strengths and development needs are the greatest within the organization

Specialized Offerings

VirBELA Remote Assessment Tools


Now offering individual and team assessment globally via remote cyber-technologies to develop effective leaders.

VirBELA is revolutionizing how distance learning and assessment is conducted. Using our proprietary cyber-technologies, VirBELA allows students and professionals around the world to come together to collaborate, network, compete, learn, and have fun. Our software allows for a mixture of lectures, cases, simulations, coaching, breakout groups and games, leading to a level of engagement that no other distance education software supports.

Team Assessment & Development

Teamwork is critical to an organization's long-term success. No one individual or function can do it all alone. This program assesses an intact team's strengths and developmental opportunities. A team profile is developed for teams at any level in the organization, from the executive team to the project/program team. It is recommended for newly formed teams as well as teams with new tasks and responsibilities. Team development is embedded in the assessment process. New skills are practiced and developed. Individuals learn the importance of being a team leader as well as being a team member. The result is a stronger, more focused team with tighter relationships and increased communication.

Global Leadership Assessment

Few organizations remain untouched by globalization. Not only has the competitive landscape changed dramatically, but also the level of instability, complexity and dynamism. The development of globally competent leaders has been widely recognized as a critical factor in the future success of multinational companies. As a result, it is no surprise that global leadership development is one of the key human resource issues of chief executives in multinational firms. Indeed, a shortage of global leaders is becoming an increasing problem for multinational companies, constraining the implementation of global strategies and leading to lower bottom-line results.

Global Leadership Assessment identifies and assesses the competencies and skills necessary to be successful in the international environment, including the cognitive agility, business acumen, social intelligence and cultural awareness needed to deal effectively with the complexities of the marketplace and social environment. The organization and individual are provided with specific and targeted areas of development. Instruments, exercises and simulations have been designed to assess and recreate the global marketplace and environment.

Global Team Assessment and Development

Leading or being a member of a global team can be a challenging experience. The complexity of the marketplace and social environments requires enhanced social intelligence, business acumen and cultural intelligence. The team often functions as a virtual team with distant members, making for an even more challenging set of team dynamics. The Center explores the factors and characteristics of team and individual performance necessary for success. The assessment is followed by development. The outcomes are enhanced knowledge, skills and performance.

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