2018 Senior Healthcare Summit

Overview | Why Attend? | Speakers and Agenda

October 3-5, 2018
Rady School of Management

Challenges Facing Payer Organizations in Senior Healthcare

The goal of this extraordinary summit is to gather thought leaders from a range of disciplines to discuss the implications of aging for payors & insurance companies, research organizations, capital providers, health care providers & innovators. Our focus will be on elevating and understanding the market opportunities for newer models in senior care, social engagement & community development, and of course, innovations in “the science of aging”.

Why Attend?

"The Rady School of Management is a research driven organization, reflecting the key mission of UCSD. Nowhere is research and innovation more required than in senior healthcare sector, charged with taking care of our senior population. With advances in medical sciences, technology applications and outcome oriented healthcare systems, this summit aims to tee up key challenges and opportunities facing our industry. Come and collaborate with Rady School and network with senior colleagues from across this industry; innovators, medical schools, insurance, owners/operators and capital providers."

Clark Jordan
Asst Dean, Rady School of Management,
Executive Education, UC San Diego

"The combined impact of changing healthcare policies, explosion of an aging population and alternative delivery mechanism of healthcare are driving innovations in new technologies, services, and synergies, while requiring providers and payers to develop new business models to lower costs and improve quality of services. Rady School of Management’s healthcare summit is a platform for industry leaders to come and build framework for new solutions that is urgently needed to serve all stakeholders; senior population, owner and operators, payers and investors."

Prabal Gupta
Co-Chair & Program Director,
UC San Diego

Speakers and Agenda

Wednesday, October 3, 2018  ♦  5:30p - 8:30p  ♦  Keynote & Dinner

Thursday, October 4, 2018  ♦  7:30a - 8:30p  ♦  Full-Day Conference / Networking / Dinner

Friday, October 5, 2018  ♦  7:30a - 11:00a  ♦  Half-Day Conference / Wrap-Up   

*More details forthcoming

**Schedule, dates & times subject to change.