2019 Senior Healthcare Summit

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Date: February 6, 2019
Rady School of Management

Challenges Facing Payer Organizations in Senior Healthcare

The goal of this extraordinary summit is to gather thought leaders from a range of disciplines to discuss the implications of aging for payors & insurance companies, research organizations, capital providers, health care providers & innovators. Our focus will be on elevating and understanding the market opportunities for newer models in senior care, social engagement & community development, and of course, innovations in “the science of aging”.

Aging and Longevity Summit Looks to Change the Outlook of Senior Healthcare in America

The 2019 Aging and Longevity Summit, run by Bright Lives Health Care Inc. and The University of California San Diego’s Rady School of Management, is a full-day event taking place February 6, 2019 in San Diego, California. During the summit, major thought leaders and stakeholders in the senior healthcare industry will discuss the current status quo, as well as the future direction of the “science of aging” in the United States. Currently, medical science and technology is undergoing some of the most expansive and beneficial growth in history. However, senior healthcare institutions are failing to deliver favorable outcomes to residents, families, and caregivers. As the number of senior citizens in America is estimated to double in the next few decades, the prospect of providing care that is aligned with all the advances in modern medicine, technology, big data analytics, and predictive models must be a top priority nationwide. In this summit, professionals in the field of senior healthcare will critically assess the advancements and breakthroughs in medical science and technology, integrative medicine, microbiome, big data sciences, and general wellness. More specifically, the summit will address how recent developments have led to significant progress in brain science and how conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s can be treated and managed. The purpose of these discussions is to educate key parties including medical firms, schools, senior care providers and operators, innovation and research facilities, and policy makers on how they can join this initiative and make a difference in how people age in the United States. For insurance companies, these discussions will address how the advancements in predictive and preventative care can provide lucrative financial benefits for years to come.

Why Attend?

The industry of senior healthcare is at a crossroads. The population of Americans ages 65 and over is projected to grow from 46 million today, to over 98 million in the next 40 years. While progress in technology and medical science has come a long way, senior care is currently not leveraging these advances to provide a high level of care and preventative services to the people who need them most.

The industry desperately needs a new template that not only leverages sustainable advances in modern medicine, but uses it to enable our country’s seniors to spend their lives happier, healthier, more engaged in the community, and in a position to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to the next generations.

In this summit, we will be covering a wide range of pressing issues. We are bringing in some of the most passionate and dedicated thought leaders to examine the future outlook of senior healthcare in the United States. For starters, we want to highlight the progress of medical science and technology in this field. Most notably, we will talk about how medical innovation has prompted considerable advancements in neuroscience, which includes the treatment and management of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

We will dive into the specifics of how emerging breakthroughs in medical science can be applied to improve the levels of care and outcomes in senior healthcare. Furthermore, we want to address how insurance companies can capitalize on the latest innovation in medicine to promote healthier aging, as well as how predictive and preventative care can ultimately improve the bottom line.

"The Rady School of Management is a research driven organization, reflecting the key mission of UCSD. Nowhere is research and innovation more required than in senior healthcare sector, charged with taking care of our senior population. With advances in medical sciences, technology applications and outcome oriented healthcare systems, this summit aims to tee up key challenges and opportunities facing our industry. Come and collaborate with Rady School and network with senior colleagues from across this industry; innovators, medical schools, insurance, owners/operators and capital providers."

Clark Jordan
Asst Dean, Rady School of Management,
Executive Education, UC San Diego

"The combined impact of changing healthcare policies, explosion of an aging population and alternative delivery mechanism of healthcare are driving innovations in new technologies, services, and synergies, while requiring providers and payers to develop new business models to lower costs and improve quality of services. Rady School of Management’s healthcare summit is a platform for industry leaders to come and build framework for new solutions that is urgently needed to serve all stakeholders; senior population, owner and operators, payers and investors."

Prabal Gupta
Co-Chair & Program Director,
UC San Diego

In addition to Prabal Gupta, the 2018 Aging and Longevity Summit will include a number of keynote speakers from prestigious institutions including Oliver Wyman Health & Sciences, Viome, Cambia Health, Active Senior Living, and more.

Speakers and Agenda

Agenda TBD

*More details forthcoming

**Schedule, dates & times subject to change.

Sponsor the 2019 Aging and Longevity Summit

University of California San Diego’s Rady School of Management and Bright Lives Health Care Inc. is delighted to be hosting the 2018 Aging and Longevity Summit from October 3rd – October 5th in San Diego, California. In this summit, we will be bringing in a number of key thought leaders in the senior healthcare industry from across the United States.

The Need

Currently, while innovation in medicine and technology continues to advance, the senior healthcare system in America is failing on a societal level to provide adequate benefits to the elder generations. This is happening in regards to both funding and overall care delivery. As more and more baby boomers begin to reach retirement age, the United States will soon have the highest number of senior citizens in the country’s history.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help redefine the template of senior healthcare management to enable medical institutions, schools, research facilities, policy makers, and senior care organizations to provide senior generations with the cutting edge care and preventative services they deserve. Additionally, we want insurance companies to see the extensive benefits that predictive and preventative care provides to the people, as well as the bottom line.

Our Goal

Our goal in this summit is to highlight the progress of medical science and technology, as well as educate stakeholders on how these advancements can be leveraged to improve the status quo of senior healthcare in America. We will be covering a wide range of topics related to developments in brain science, treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, how those involved can continue to promote innovation in areas such as microbiome innovation, predictive care, pharmacogenomics, data science, and more.

How You Can Help

Sponsoring the 2018 Aging and Longevity Summit is an exceptional opportunity to put your company’s name at the forefront of a long-term initiative to improve the quality of aging in the United States. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to reach a multitude of industry leaders and forward-thinking audiences. Your sponsorship of this event will help to provide medical facilities, researchers, data analysts, insurance providers, senior care owners and operators, and thought leaders with the interest and resources they need to improve the lives of current and future generations of Americans.

Get in Touch

For more information about getting involved, kindly send an email to Prabal Gupta, CEO and Founder of Bright Lives Health Care Inc. at prabal@brightliveshealthcare.com