Hire Rady

Recruit new graduates and alumni to enhance your organization's leadership

Career Fairs

A productive way of filling hiring needs during high-profile events. Networking career fairs combine the intimacy of networking mixers with the productivity of career fairs.

Company Presentations

Company presentations allow employers the opportunity to communicate with potential candidates for internships and/or full-time careers, as well as provide students exposure to various firms. An informal overview of the company is followed by an opportunity for students to pose questions. Company presentations are scheduled throughout the year by company request.

The presentations will typically follow this format:

  • Company presentation for 30 minutes
  • 15 minutes of group Q&A
  • 15 minutes of informal networking

Career Panels

Professionals working in a specific industry or function are invited to share their knowledge and experience about the field, and possible career paths, to a focused audience of Rady graduate students.

The panels will typically follow this format:

  • 30 minutes of pre-notified questions and general discussion
  • 15 minutes of group Q&A
  • 30 minutes of informal networking

Contact our team at Careers@rady.ucsd.edu with questions or to determine which events best suit your recruitment needs.