M.S. in Business Analytics Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule - 12 months, 50 units

The MS in Business Analytics program is completed in less than one year.  UC San Diego and the Rady School run on the quarter system .  These are the sessions planned for the MS in Business Analytics.

  • Required Orientation Program - Typically one week prior to Summer Session II
  • Summer Session II - Second half of the summer quarter
  • Fall Quarter
  • Winter Quarter
  • Spring Quarter

Below is an example schedule for the MSBA program.  Note that the schedule is subject to change.

*denotes required courses

Pre-term Orientation

*Intensive orientation program preparing students for the rigorous Rady MSBA curriculum.

Summer Session II

*MGTA 451: Business Analytics in Marketing, Finance, and Operations (4 units)
MGTA 460: Business Analytics Project Management (2 units)

Fall Quarter

*MGTA 452: Collecting and Analyzing Large Data (4 units)
*MGTA 453: Business Analytics (4 units)
MGTA 459: Managerial Judgment and Decision Making (4 units)

Winter Quarter

*MGTA 401: Professional Seminar (1 unit)
MGTA 455: Customer Analytics (4 units)
MGTA 456: Supply Chain Analytics (4 units)
MGTA 405: Business Forecasting (4 units)
MGT 451: Technology and Innovation Strategy (4 units)

Spring Quarter

*MGTA 454: Business Analytics Capstone Project (4 units)
*MGTA 401: Professional Seminar (1 unit)

MGT 457: Business Intelligence Systems (2 units)
MGT 458: Experiments in Firms (4 units)
Tentative: Big Data Technology and Business Applications (2 units)
Tentative: Digital Marketing Analytics (4 units)
Tentative: Fraud Analytics (4 units)
MGTA 406: Behavioral Finance (4 units)
MGTA 422: Creativity and Innovation (4 units)
MGTA 477: Consumer Behavior (4 units)
MGTA 479: Pricing (4 units)