MSBA Curriculum

Discover the classes that will shape your Flex MSBA experience

Successful businesses use data and models to make better decisions and gain competitive advantage. Vast amounts of data on customers, suppliers, operations, and financial transactions are collected from a variety of sources, often managed in diverse systems, by multiple stakeholders.

As a student in the Flex Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program, you will learn how to take that data and translate it into insights that can move businesses forward. A key component of the Flex MSBA program is helping students learn how to develop business insights and business solutions. The program by nature is designed to produce graduates who understand the full lifecycle of business analytics projects.

Flex MSBA is a STEM-designated program that is designed to be completed in 17 months.

The program is built on a series of five core courses:

  • Business Analytics in Marketing, Finance, and Operations
  • Collecting and Analyzing Large Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Business Analytics Capstone Project

The remainder of the curriculum includes the following electives:

  • Math and Programming for Business Analytics
  • Business Analytics Solution Design
  • Web Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Managerial Judgment and Decision Making
  • Research for Marketing Decisions
  • Big Data Technology & Business Application
  • Fraud Analytics


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