Flex MSBA Sample Schedule

Sample schedule for Flex MSBA students

The Flex MSBA program is designed to be completed in 17 months, with students taking classes every other Saturday. It is important to note that UC San Diego and the Rady School run on the quarter system.

Below is a 17-month example schedule for the Flex MSBA program. Note that the schedule is subject to change.

17-Month Sample Schedule


Intensive orientation program preparing students for the rigorous Rady MSBA curriculum.

Summer Session (8 units)

MGTA 451: Business Analytics in Marketing, Finance, and Operations (4 units)
MGTA 495: Math and Programming for Business Analytics (4 units)

Fall Quarter (8 units)

MGTA 452: Collecting and Analyzing Large Data (4 units)
MGTA 453: Business Analytics (4 units)

Winter Quarter (8 units)

MGTA 455: Customer Analytics (4 units)
MGTA 462 A: Big Data Technology & Business Application (2 units)
MGTA 462 B: Big Data Technology & Business Application (2 units)

Spring Quarter (8 units)

MGTA 458: Experiments in Firms (4 units)
MGTA 479: Pricing Analytics (4 units)

Summer Session (10 units)

MGTA 463: Fraud Analytics (4 units)
MGTA 456: Supply Chain Analytics (4 units)
MGTA 495: Business Analytics Solution Design (2 units)

Fall Quarter II (8 units)

MGTA 454: Business Analytics Capstone (4 units)*
MGTA 475: Research for Marketing Decisions (4 units)

*The capstone is a team project, so each team can organize timing to best fit their working schedules. Each team will also schedule regular meetings with the Rady support team and the capstone sponsor to address questions and provide guidance as needed

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