Rady FlexMBA Part-Time MBA

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Rady's Part-Time MBA Program Focuses On Goals, Practical Learning and Professional Development

FlexMBA students are working professionals with a passion for innovation and the drive to create business success

They passionately explore new ideas and opportunities and are interested in the ways discovery and development fundamentally transform business and the world. FlexMBA students excel in their current roles and are ready to take on more responsibility and make greater contributions.

The part-time MBA program enables students to meet goals they and their organizations have set for their educational and professional development.

Strong administrative support enables FlexMBA students to focus on learning to maximize their time with faculty, business leaders, experts and fellow students.


  • Two evenings weekly
  • Completed in 30 months.
  • Complete your Rady MBA without regularly scheduled time away from your workplace.
  • Opening and mid-program residentials provide more intensive interaction with classmates.
  • Dinner provided on class evenings.
  • FlexEvening Class Profile


  • Friday and Saturday of alternating weekends.
  • Completed in 24 months.
  • Focus fully on your education in intensive class periods.
  • Meals and lodging provided during class weekends.
  • FlexWeekend Class Profile

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