Shahriar Sean Madanipour, MBA ‘13

“Rady is unique because of its presence at UC San Diego and its direct access to other departments with over one billion dollars research funds and countless discoveries.”

Industry: Engineering

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Bioengineering, UC San Diego

Sean’s Rady Experience:
I am currently managing my time between developing a startup idea in the digital health space and providing independent marketing and business development consultation to various organizations.

I was determined to choose a business school that provided me with the skillset, opportunity and advice to ideate effectively and test business ideas in a risk-neutral environment before pursuing them further. The Rady School’s core and elective classes and its highly educated and experienced faculty, in addition to tremendous networking opportunities, provided a perfect environment to achieve that goal.

A few important factors make Rady quite unique.  First, the core Lab to Market classes where students can test their startup ideas and have the opportunity to build startups.  Second, is its presence and direct access to other UC San Diego departments with over one billion dollars in research funds and countless discoveries.  Additionally, Rady’s entrepreneurial spirit and connection to the local business and investing community allows for commercialization of ideas and discoveries.