Rady Summer Interns: What are you doing this summer?

We asked Rady School students to give us an update on what they are doing at their summer internships.

Rady Student: Tyler Presnall

Company: Mitchell

Job Title: Product Marketing Intern

What I'm doing this summer: The internship is informal so the marketing manager and divisional Vice President assign me tasks as needed. So far I’ve had several projects to complete at my own pace including but not limited to email campaign management and segmentation, creating of marketing assets such as slide shows and brochures and competition research. The culture is relaxed and everyone up to the chief executives is very receptive to suggestions for improvement. I’ve had countless one-on-ones with my manager to go over my ideas.

Ready through Rady: Associate Professor Darroch’s marketing class provided an excellent framework for composing a positioning statement, which I’ve used for several different products within my division. That combined nicely with another template regarding customer value propositions I received from Gary Lillian who spoke at a professional seminar.