U.S.-Israel Center on Innovation and Economic Sustainability

We are a knowledge center and incubator of innovation and long-term economic success in Israel, the United States and beyond.

Rady School of Management students and alumni traveled to Israel for their annual trip sponsored by the Rady School's U.S.-Israel Center of Innovation and Economic Sustainability.

The group met with business leaders to learn about the success of Israeli startups and was immersed in the rich culture and history of the country.

Watch the video to hear more about this unique journey.

Israel and the United States have much to learn from each other, and much to offer entrepreneurs worldwide.

The U.S.-Israel Center on Innovation and Economic Sustainability brings people together to learn from one another. We engage business, civic, and academic communities in global innovation and business development, continually broadening understanding of the forces that shape innovation economies. We aim to generate new businesses, launch entrepreneurial relationships, connect Israeli and American citizens, and apply academic rigor to solve the toughest real problems in industry.

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Stanley Foster Memorial Cal-Israel Innovations Speaker Series

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