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Do I need to know what job I want before I begin graduate school?

No, it is quite common for Rady graduate students to go through a "discovery period" during their first quarter. In addition to your core courses, you'll have the opportunity to sit in on company presentations, talk to other students, network with alumni, conduct informational interviews and work with career advisors to help you hone in on your decision.

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Does Career Management Center help students change careers?

In a typical class, about 85% of students plan to use their degree to change careers, and Rady Graduate Career Management Center offers many programs and resources specifically geared to these needs. Career panels and Rady@Work groups expose you to the current job market and opportunities for students while helping you understand the career-planning process — from analyzing your strengths, interests, and values to marketing yourself, building a network and determining your value-add. The Career Management Center team also offers practical self-assessment tools and analysis, that are particularly helpful if you are contemplating a major career change.

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You will find a wide range of job search information through seminars, career fairs, individual coaching, Rady@Work group coaching, and a number of members-only online information resources. Career Management Center also helps you connect with career opportunities through on-campus recruiting, job postings, resume databases, the Rady alumni network, career fairs, and a variety of networking events.

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At what point in the program do students begin to engage with the Career Management Center team?

Prior to your arrival on campus, Career Management Center begins working with you. We send out information well in advance of your arrival to begin framing your initial steps in making a new career transition. We also have robust pre-term orientation careers sessions that continue through the fall quarter, helping you launch a career transition. We partner to guide and support you throughout your career search process!

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Is there a time of year when students need to be focused on securing internships?

The answer is "Yes, all the time!" From the day you set foot on campus, your mind needs to be constantly open to events and opportunities that could put you on the path to a great internship. This needs to become something always top of mind. Your schedule at Rady quickly becomes robust with events from the Career Management Center team. We have scheduled Tuesday evenings to be career-focused. If you're unable to work on career-related strategies at any other time, you can relax knowing that Tuesday is around the corner and there will be an event that supports you as you seek an internship or full-time opportunity.

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Where do Rady graduates typically go after graduation? Do they tend to stay in Southern California?

Though over half of Rady graduates find employment on the West Coast, our students and alumni gravitate towards interesting, innovative positions which send them worldwide.

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What are typical Rady graduate student projects or internships?

Projects vary widely according to the needs of companies. Sample summer projects and internships have included:
• Developing a business plan for a proposed new product or service.
• Undertaking a detailed feasibility study of a potential market extension or conducting competitive and market analysis and project viability.
• Designing and implementing an interactive project road map to support a multi-functional team.
• Developing improved financial analyses and reporting processes for a business unit.
• Researching/recommending new supply-chain principles and practices.
• Providing systems analysis support for business units.

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How about entrepreneurship? How many students establish their own companies after graduation?

Rady students bring their entrepreneurial spirit into existing companies to help drive innovation in a collaborative, effective manner. Typically, about 5% of Rady students start their own companies. The majority seek careers with companies who value the Rady focus on innovation, collaboration and impact.

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How effective is Rady's on-campus recruiting program?

The goal of the Career Management Center team is to help you develop the job search skills that will allow for life long career management. In building an effective job search strategy, you will likely pursue many different channels, including on-campus recruiting, job postings, networking, referrals, alumni contacts, and career fairs.

On-campus recruiting is a powerful tool for both students and companies, but it isn't the right path for everyone, nor is it the avenue all companies pursue. At The Rady School, the majority of our graduate students find their positions through a variety of other tactics including job postings, interaction with alumni, networking events, and other proactive search strategies. Career Management Center assists with all of these touch-points.

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What kind of companies recruit at the Rady School at UC San Diego?

Rady attracts companies from a variety of industries and functions, including consulting, corporate finance, investment management, commercial technology, telecommunications, consumer technologies, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, start-ups and non-profit.

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