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Hands-on education in accounting theory and practice for students seeking a career in accounting.

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The Accounting minor at the Rady School of Management provides a high-quality education for students seeking a professional career in accounting. The minor meets the interests of those students who understand the importance of accounting to other career tracks such as finance, investment, project management, operations, entrepreneurship and general management. The Rady School’s Accounting minor is designed to provide students with a strong understanding of accounting theory and practice. The program emphasizes International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) guidelines, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) rules and the general international viewpoint, which are overtaking individual national standards such as the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). For many students, this will be the first step in achieving a Certificate in Public Accounting (CPA).

Upon graduation, UC San Diego students with an Accounting minor will be prepared for positions with accounting functions in a plethora of commercial, non-profit and governmental organizations. Graduates pursuing careers not directly related to accounting will still encounter common accounting practices, and an Accounting minor will add valued knowledge to their initial employment.

Declaring the Minor

The accounting minor is open to registered UCSD students pursuing a bachelor's degree. There is no separate admissions process. While you may declare a minor throughout your first few years, we strongly reccommend you do it at your earliest convenience. Rady sends important information regarding class offerings and policy changes to our minors through our minor list.

You may declare a minor through Tritonlink. For a step-by-step video tutorial on how to declare please visit our main FAQ page.

Before declaring a minor, please contact your college advisor in order to ensure that you will not exceed the maximum unit limitation by pursuing a minor.

Minor Requirements

Course Sequence Map

The accounting minor consists of seven courses that cover the key accounting principles, processes and applications. Required courses include two lower division courses and five upper division courses:

Take all accounting minor classes for a letter grade.
At least 5 classes from the minor must be taken at UCSD.
Earn at least a C- in each course used for the minor
Finish the minor with an overall minor GPA of 2.0.

Accounting Minor
Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for an accounting minor?

Accounting minors are open to all majors at UCSD. To declare the minor, fill out a Minor Declaration Form.

Can I apply MGT45 toward my accounting minor?

No. MGT45 Principles of Accounting cannot be considered an adequate substitute for ECON4/MGT4 and MGT5 and cannot be applied toward the accounting minor. MGT45 is suitable for business minors only.

What accounting class should I take first?

It is highly recommended that students begin the accounting minor sequence with MGT4/ECON4: Financial Accounting and then take MGT5: Managerial Accounting.

Can I transfer lower division courses from a community college to UCSD?

Lower division transfer credits for courses that are clearly equivalent in scope and content to lower division courses required for the Accounting minor will be accepted from regionally accredited United States institutions and from foreign institutions recognized by the Rady School of Management.

Please note ECON/MGT 4 must be petitioned to the Economics Department.

Can I transfer upper division courses from abroad or another 4 year institution to the accounting minor?

A student can petition to take a course for the minor outside of UCSD from regionally accredited United States institutions and from foreign institutions recognized by the Rady School of Management and get credit towards a class if the course is clearly equivalent in scope and content. Students who take a required upper division accounting course outside of UCSD must take an accounting elective (see list above) as a "make up." No credit is given until the student enrolls in and completes the make-up class. Note: UCSD Extension classes are professional level and certificate classes that are not part of undergraduate degree-seeking curriculum at UCSD. Extension classes appear as zero units on a UCSD academic history.

Will I be able to fulfill the CPA exam and license requirements with an accounting minor?

While the courses that you take for CPA will assist you to complete the requirements, CPA requires more classes that you will need to take for our minor. For more information about CPA requirements, visit our CPA Guide.

Can Rady perform an audit for CPA requirements?

Unfortunately, Rady is not able to complete an audit for you. We can however review your self-assesment, if you have any concerns about the courses in our program. For classes taken outside of UCSD, we are unable to evaluate whether a certain class can count or not. For more information about how to complete a self-assesment, visit our Self- Assesment Resource page.



If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us!

Current UCSD students: Please submit your questions via the VAC. An advisor will respond in 1-3 business days.

Non-UCSD students: Email us at


 2018-2019 Tentative Course Offerings

Course Number Course Title FA 18 WI 19 SP 19 SU19 1 SU19 2
MGT4/ECON4 Financial Accounting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT5 Managerial Accounting Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT131A Intermediate Accounting A Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT131B Intermediate Accounting B   Yes Yes   Yes
MGT132 Auditing Yes Yes Yes
MGT133 Advanced Cost Accounting Yes  
MGT134 Federal Taxation- Individuals Yes
MGT135 Federal Taxation- Companies Yes Yes Yes  
MGT136 Advanced Accounting Yes Yes   Yes
MGT137 Financial Statement Analysis Yes
MGT138 Information Technology and Accounting
MGT139 Accounting Information Systems Tentative Tentative  
MGT143 Forensic Accounting Tentative
MGT146 Ethics in Accounting Yes
MGT147 Not-for-profit and Government Accounting Yes
MGT149 Topics in Accounting Tentative
*Schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the department. Summer schedule varies.