MGT112 - Global Business Strategy

Course Description

This class fulfills a requirement for the Business Minor.

Prerequisites: Upper Division Standing, MGT 103, MGT 181 (for business minors)

Students majoring in International Studies-International Business can use MGT187 as a prerequisite instead of MGT181. Upper divison standing and MGT103 are also required. 

To be a successful business leader in the 21st Century will require a sound understanding of global business strategy. This course will examine the traditional roles of multinationals, how new global possibilities have led to emerging business and organizational structures, and what ever increasing global competition will mean to the business. Equally important, students will be exposed to the complexities of evolving economic, social and political forces affecting global firms. Considering various future scenarios, they will develop plans and strategies for strategic business growth considering organizational structure, market strategies, required competencies, and competitive positioning.