mgt 177 clip

Course Description

Prerequisites: Upper Division Standing

This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and techniques to apply management science principles and spreadsheet modeling to support decision-making in supply chain management. Given the complex nature of supply chains contributed by advancement of information technology and globalization, making right decisions under uncertainty has become critical for modern businesses in nearly any industry sector. Moreover, now we enter the new era of Industry 4.0, in which manufacturing companies adopt smart manufacturing which marries physical production and operations with information technology to increase productivity through a better connected ecosystem. Thus, computer-aided decision-making is a very important skill for business managers these days.


In this course, we learn the fundamentals of management science, analytical modeling, and problem solving using spreadsheet. This course will cover decision problems in various business contexts, with emphasis on the context of supply chain management. However, background knowledge in supply chain management is not required. While students will do much of hands-on problem solving using spreadsheet throughout the course, the emphasis will be also on analytical model building, logical thinking and managerial insights. Students are expected to have basic knowledge in business analytics and to have some familiarity with MS Excel spreadsheets such as typing, basic arithmetic operations and basic formula.