MGT 189: Topics in Finance (4 units)

This class fulfills an elective for the Business Minor. Certain topics may be approved as electives for E&I Minors depending on relevance. 

NOTE: MGT 189 is a rotating topics course. Students can repeat MGT189 with different topics 3 times or up to 12 units of credit. 

Course Descriptions and Quarters Offered:

Topic for Summer Session 2 2019:

International Finance

This class provides analysis and understanding of the global financial environment in which multinational managers operate.  Topics covered include: the foreign exchange market and exchange rate arrangements; exchange rate forecasting; links between interest rates, goods prices, and exchange rates; risk management of international financial exposures; international portfolio investment; and direct foreign investment and international lending. (Prerequisites: MGT 181 OR MGT 187, upper-division standing)