Undergraduate Business Network

Organization Email Address:ubn.ucsd@gmail.com
Organization Website:ubn.ucsd.edu

UBN is home to students who have worked for or have offers to companies such as: Google, Intuit, HP, Microsoft, Amazon, ASUS, Ernst & Young, Illumina, Credit Suisse, Genentech, The Boston Consulting Group, Macy's, IBM, Samsung, SalesForce, Visa, Adobe, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sony, HD Supply, BMW, and much more. This is our network; connect with us. We are a group of ambitious individuals, who all want to see each other succeed. We love a great challenge, and are willing to work hard together to reach our fullest potential. With a network of over 50 diverse members from all majors, get the support system you need to find your passion and to pursue your career.

Organization Mission Statement:
Undergraduate Business Network is a pre-professional student organization dedicated to providing the best career preparation for aspiring young professionals interested in the field of business. By offering mentorship, networking opportunities, company tours, consulting projects, and workshops for essential business skills, UBN contributes valuable career development at the University of California, San Diego. Despite the diverse set of majors and career goals that members pursue, the organization consists of campus leaders who are united by a common interest in business