Undergraduate Trading Society

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The Undergraduate Trading Society was founded in order to create a network of student traders and educate those interested in trading and finance. Our main goal is to educate traders on proper risk management, trade strategies, and careers in finance. With our team of experienced student traders on the executive board we hope to mentor and coach new and developing traders through their long and difficult road to profitability. We have members experienced in equities, options, and forex trading ready to assist in any way possible. Along with trading, we intend to provide an overview of nearly every aspect of finance including Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Venture Capital. Some of our members have worked at renowned financial institutions such as Triton Funds, Captarget, and UBS. We intend to facilitate career plans for those interested in proprietary trading, IB, PE, and VC. Come find out why the Undergraduate Trading Society is the number one place to be for anyone interested in trading and finance!