Osborne Chen

student photo

Photo by Nick Abadilla

Osborne is a senior and will be graduating with a degree in Economics.

Why did you choose to take classes at the Rady School?

When the accounting minor was introduced at the end of my sophomore year, I signed up immediately, feeling that practical accounting knowledge can really supplement my theoretical economics coursework.

What would you like to tell other students about the Rady School’s Undergraduate Program?

Everyone should take at least a class or two, especially economics and management sciences majors because the classes are interesting and relate to real business issues.

Which class has been your favorite? Any favorite instructors? Why?

Intermediate Accounting has been my favorite because Professor Robert Houskeeper taught by example. He really cared if we knew the material or not. On top of that, he was a practicing CPA, so he didn’t just read off the slides — he made up his own examples too and really went in depth.