Honoring a Great Friend of Employee Ownership

 By Anthony Mathews

There are few people in our ESOP community more iconic than Frieda Takaki. Frieda, almost singlehandedly, launched and built the Hawaii Chapter of The ESOP Association. From there, she has continued to serve our community in virtually every role possible from chair of The ESOP Association to trustee of the Employee Ownership Foundation. At every turn, Frieda has served as a wise counselor and a steady leader on the road to making employee ownership a strong thread in the fabric of our country. On the occasion of her much deserved retirement, her colleagues at Chart Rehabilitation threw her a “surprise” party, and it was our pleasure and honor to attend the party and anoint her as the very first “Fellow of the Beyster Institute” (seen here after the award with friends from the mainland receiving the award).

frieda takaki

As a Beyster Fellow, we will continue to have access to Frieda’s wise counsel from time to time and, in turn, she will have the authority to grant a scholarship each year to any of the Institute’s Governance Curriculum on Employee Ownership. Thank you Frieda for being a great friend and champion of employee ownership. We will miss you, but we will continue to follow the path you have had so much to do with creating.

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