Employee Ownership Insights

Summer 2017


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The New Beyster Foundation for Enterprise Development

As we celebrate the 30-year milestone of the Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED) being founded, as president of the FED and daughter of J.R. Beyster, its founder, today I not only reflect on the past, but announce major changes for our future role and impact…continue

A Cure for What Ails Us

About 10 years ago, we were given a small grant by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to try to organize a work group with the humble goal of trying to cure poverty in the U.S. We started from the assumption that we, all of us, know what it takes to get someone from poverty to security – education, a good job, a safe and comfortable home and all the skills necessary to support all those things…continue

The Beyster Institute Names Craft Brewing Industry Veteran Jennifer Briggs to Lead Its Cultural Development Practice

Jennifer Briggs, formerly a senior executive with New Belgium Brewing Company, is joining the Beyster Institute. Her efforts will focus principally on advising companies on the development of high-performance organizational practices. As part of the Beyster Institute, Briggs will advise business leaders on how to cultivate the social and management facets of a strong organizational strategy...continue

Going Global: Employee Ownership in South Korea

Recent legislative changes may cause a rapid increase in South Korean employee ownership plans. Shortly after the Korean War, the Yuhan Corporation established South Korea’s first employee stock ownership plan in 1958 to resolve labor disputes…continue

Recent ESOP Legal Developments: Ongoing Emphasis on Company Valuations

In 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) sued yet another company for allegedly using unreasonably flawed company valuations used in ESOP transactions. Considered at least by the SEC as retirement plans, ESOPs are overseen by the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration…continue

EO Almanac: A New Tool for Exploring the World of Employee Ownership

I am pleased to announce the launch of the EO Almanac (www.eoalmanac.org) on Monday, June 19. The EO Almanac (EOA) is a free web-based visualization tool and research database shedding light …continue

CEO’s Company Turned 25, and He Gave His Employees a Gift

At the 25th annual meeting of the Woodruff Sweitzer company, workers heard about a company name change, a new logo and new branding efforts, but it was the next news nugget that caused them to stand up and cheer…continue