3rd Annual California Clean Innovation Conference to Be Held At UC San Diego


Clean technology enthusiasts can mark their calendars as the UC San Diego Rady School of Management continues to establish itself as a leader in the cleantech industry with California Clean Innovation 2009 (CACI 2009) this spring. Rady will host CACI 2009 on May 1, 2009.

Organizers from the Rady School, the UCLA Anderson School of Management and the Caltech Center for Science & Engineering of Materials, in coordination with the UC San Diego School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, are looking to build on the strong foundations established both at the inaugural event, held in 2007 at Caltech, and at last year’s event, held at UCLA.

CACI 2009 is a one-day conference for professionals and graduate students to explore innovative applications of clean technology. CACI 2009 will facilitate a deep understanding of clean technology by bringing together leaders in three key areas: business, policy and technology.

CACI 2009’s agenda includes a variety of speaker panels, a Fast Pitch Business Competition, technology fair and networking reception. The keynote speakers and panelists will explore the current cleantech landscape and open discussion of business, technology and policy applications that will shape the future of the industry. Up-and-coming entrepreneurs and early-stage clean technology companies will have an opportunity to present new cleantech concepts and business plans to conference attendees and a panel of venture capitalist judges in the Fast Pitch Business Competition.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about new technologies and network with industry professionals at the technology fair. The conference is intended for a wide audience, including industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investment professionals, policy makers, lawyers, journalists, and university staff, faculty and students.

CACI 2009’s organizers have announced Peter C. Fusaro, chairman of Global Change Associates, as a keynote speaker. Peter is an energy and environmental industry thought leader noted for his keen insights in emerging energy and environmental financial markets. He has been on the forefront of energy and environmental change for over 34 years focusing on oil, gas, power, coal, emissions, cleantech, carbon trading and renewable energy markets.

Learn more at http://cacleaninnovation.com/.

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